Knowledge Resources on Human Resources and Reference and resources Guide - Human resources Review Human Resources
Site offers articles and links on human resources topics including retention, performance management, motivation, training and policies.
The HR Manager
On-line reference guide to the broad range of Human Resources topics.
Training & Development Community Center
Resources for the Training and Development / Human Resources Community.
Interactive Human Resources
Source for on-line customizable Human Resource materials, tools, forms which you can print/download for immediate use or edit in the future.
HR Quiz 3
How Much Do You Know About Employee Relations? By Ethan A. Winning
Hoover's: Human Resources Industry Research
Provides in-depth business and public/private company information, financials, competitors , industry overviews, officers, including profiles and news.
The Professional Society for Sales and Marketing Training
Professional association of training executives dedicated to helping their corporations and each other.
Information on choosing incentive plans.
Online human resources company designed to help employees, employers and human resources professionals meet the demands of the workplace.
Occupational Outlook Handbook
Occupational Outlook Handbook statement discussing significant points and nature of the work.
Competency Suite
Solutions in selection, performance management, development planning, cultural assessment, succession planning, and implementation of competency-based HR systems. Integrated HR Management Solutions using internet technology.
Business and Legal Reports, Inc.
Publishes books, booklets and posters that serve professionals in human resources, CD-ROMs, newsletters, safety training and posters that serve professionals in human resources, safety training, OSHA compliance, and environmental management.
Provider of a human resources career center, recruiters, product information and resources for human resource managers and consultants.
Workplace Diversity Network
Offers participating organizations opportunities for small group exploration of emerging issues, case study presentations and research, and networking.
Directory of management publishers from Workforce Online.
Find Products, Services, Events, Press Releases, Professional Associations, Jobs, Articles, ListServ Posts and Responses, and Other HR Links. Provides information from around the world on Human Resources and Technology.
Employment Policy Foundation
Highly regarded body of research and competitive knowledge on human resources and employment issues that has a demonstrated track record of affecting the course and development of employment policy.
Job Analysis & Personality Research at Virginia Tech
Information on job analysis and personality assessment
XPDNC Labour Directory
Links to labor related sites from around the world, catalogued by labor interest, sorted geographically by country and updated weekly.
How Your Business Can Thrive In A Tight Labor Market By Hiring
White Paper: Through an arrangement recognized by the IRS, big business has been solving its staffing shortages for decades by teaming up with non-profits and hiring volunteers.
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