Web Communities for Working Women and Planning and management of careers Guide - Human resources Review

An online community for women.
A community for female business owners and professionals, home businesses, offering an online directory of resources for small businesses and women in the work force.
Community at WWWomen
Online community for women with links on all topics relevant to women.
Working Together Listserv
A forum for women and men from all occupations who want to share information and experiences about the realities of working together.
Bridges Online
An online community for professional women.
A Room of Her Own
BizWom List's A Room of Her Own is the resource place for the connections, ideas and thoughts generated by the members who subscribe to the BizWom List.
Online Community Software
Easy to use, manage and deploy Full suite of collaboration tools
Digital Women
Created for women in business, free sales tips, home business ideas , free business tips, free marketing tips, looking for a place to gather resources and a place to network with other business women and women owned businesses.
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