Mentoring and Networks for Working Women and Planning and management of careers Guide - Human resources Review

Woman Owned Workplace Network
Provides networking opportunities and business resources for starting and growing a company.
This is a level playing field designed by a team of women in business to create, promote and develop successful women-owned businesses.
Professional Woman Speakers Bureau
An international network of consultants and trainers, women's issues, leadership , self-esteem, assertiveness, providing training and seminars on diversity and professionalism.
Women Unlimited - Mentoring, Education & Networking
Corporate leadership development programs that aid in the retention and advancement of women and aid women by the achievement of parity in the work place.
Women Mentoring?
Brief and Straightforward Guide to Mentoring
Women Consultants
A network of women consultants based in Washington D.C., who provide services from book promoting to fund raising to proposal writing.
Women's Network
A networking resource for women executives and professionals.
New Gal Network
Comprised of a diverse multitude of women who are conscious of what success means and the importance of financial and political empowerment.
Women's Financial Network
A site for women to manage, learn and increase their finances and money.
Women's Network for Entrepreneurial Training Mentoring Program
Program places experienced women business owners with women whose businesses are ready to grow.
Working Women Working Together Network
Career page for women from AFL-CIO.
Matchmaven: Career Women Mentoring and Networks
Looking for a from-home business idea? Fill in a few answers and be matched to the opportunity that fits your personality, interests, and schedule.
An Income of Her Own
Provides news, products, services and networking opportunities geared towards young women.
Canadian Women's Business Network
Women's business directories which provide an opportunity for women to promote their businesses and make connections throughout the world.
Evolve, Inc.
Professional success coaching company for women entrepreneurs to bring a vision of their life and business to reality developing leadership and professional skills.
WISE Women Network
Groups of women who are seriously interested in self-employment that exists throughout New Zealand.
Mentoring for Women in the Workplace
An international women's business, career, networking community for women in the workplace
Business Women's Network Interactive (BWNI)
Website providing tools, resources and opportunities for business women and women entrepreneurs.
Mentor Net
An email mentoring program for women in engineering, science and math.
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