Skills and Assessment Evaluation of Employee and Hiring and keeping employees Guide - Human resources Review

PC-based testing for office and business skills.
PROFILE is a scientific tool with systems for evaluating and developing human potential, aimed at individuals and organizations.
Scheig Associates, Inc.
Provider of job specific, behaviorally based pre-employment assessments, structured interviews and performance evaluations.
Walden Personnel Testing
Provider of job-related skills, aptitude and knowledge-testing services.
Achievement Tec
Offers entry level to executive assessments, professional interviews, background verification, drug screening and team compatibility
Schroeder Measurement Technologies
Testing company serving the needs of licensing boards and credentialing agencies offering test development and test administration services.
Resource Associates: Selection Testing
Increase the odds of hiring the right person! Our aptitude and personality tests can be combined in unique ways to match your job competencies.
Valtera: Employee Skills and Assessment Testing
Valtera offers employee testing and executive assessments. SelectionSage technology for online testing. Put the right people into the right jobs.
Virtual HR Center
Provider of selection assessments, background checks, learning needs assessments, online courses and policy handbooks.
Provider of Internet-based applicant testing services, including technical, language and programmer/analyst aptitude testing.
Bigby, Havis & Associates, Inc
Consulting company specializing in tools and consulting services related to employee selection, development and performance.
Executive Development Assessment Centre
Internet-based assessment and development for human resource professionals using psychometric and other management development instruments, including 360-degree assessment of performance and assessment of cognitive skills using advanced instrume.
MHS Organizational Effectiveness Group
Provider of assessment and diagnostic products as well as practice and treatment management products and services.
Wonderlic, Inc.
Provider of pre-employment skill measuring tools, including technical, aptitude and basic skills tests.
Polaris Team
Provider of consulting services in pre-employment assessments, 360 performance appraisals and communication skills for supervisors, salespersons and customer service associates.
ERC Dataplus
Company that enables clients to reduce administrative duties associated with recruiting, employee retention and assessment of opinions.
Know It All, Inc.
Provider of clerical and technical assessment software.
Advanced Computer Testing
Providing PC based and online skills testing for Office Skills, Legal, Software Knowledge, Technical Programmer/Developers and Medical Industries.
Gevity: Human Capital Management
Contact Gevity HR for high impact employee development and training solutions that can make your business more profitable, productive and valuable.
Apperson Education Products
Family-owned company provides test scoring solutions for businesses and schools.
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