Workplace Safety Governmental Agencies and Health and safety at work Guide - Human resources Review

North Carolina OSHA
Promoting workplace safety and health.
Connecticut OSHA
Enforces state occupational safety and health regulations which apply to state and municipal employees.
Hawaii Occupational Safety & Health Division
Assures that working individuals are in safe and healthful working conditions.
North Carolina Department of Labor
Establishes a safe, healthy, fair and productive working environment.
Hawaii DOL and Industrial Relations
Promotes the safety and economic security through continuous improvement and productivity in the worklife of the people.
Oregon OSHA
offers a wide variety of safety and health services to employers and employees.
Maryland OSHA
Assures working individuals are offered safe and healthful working conditions.
Arkansas Department of Labor
Provides services and enforces laws to improve working conditions of the community.
Florida Department of Labor and Employment Security Online (OSHA information)
Provides job and workplace safety information.
Alaska OSHA
Provides consultative services and training to public and private sector employers and employees.
California Division of Occupational Safety & Health
Promotes the health and welfare of the State of California.
Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training
Provides visitors with information and resources about employment and training; work, injury, or illness-related income assistance; and occupational safety.
Vermont OSHA
Protects the health and safety of working Vermonters.
Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries
Enforces state laws that ban discrimination in employment, and public accommodations, housing and children in the workplace.
Workplace Safety
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Montana Labor and Industry Department
The purpose is to promote the well-being of workers, employers and citizens and to uphold their rights and responsibilities.
North Dakota Department of Labor
Responsible for promoting and developing the welfare of both wage earners and industries through education about and enforcement of labor and employment discrimination laws.
Washington OSHA (WISHA)
Goal is to save lives, prevent injuries and illnesses and protect the safety and health of Washington's workers.
Tennessee OSHA
Provides a seamless organization with proactive employees who enhance economic success for both businesses and workers.
Michigan Bureau of Safety and Regulation (OSHA information)
Helps assure the safety and health of workers and the protection of wages and fringe benefits.
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