Workplace Electric and Magnetic Fields and Health and safety at work Guide - Human resources Review

Journal of the Bioelectromagnetics Society
Periodical covering an array of topics regarding bioelectromagnetics, including effect on health of wireless phones and magnetic fields.
Information Ventures, Inc. (IVI)
IVI Online provides substantive information services about health issues, chemicals and other hazards in the workplace, including electric and magnetic fields (EMF), herbicides and pesticides, pharmaceuticals and other hazards in the workplace, pharmaceuticals, and cancer.
International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA)
Organizational business, background and historical information, and discussion areas on topical issues of interest to radiation protection professionals.
Electromagnetic Field Solutions
Specializes in magnetic field management, offering solutions to EMF problems.
Q-Link Specialty Site
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Electric and Magnetic Fields Research and Public Information Dissemination Program.
FAQ - Powerlines, EMF and Cancer
Questions and answers on the connection between power lines, electrical occupations and cancer.
California Electric & Magnetic Fields Program
Program is a research, appliances, education, and technical assistance program concerned with the possible health effects of electric and magnetic fields from powerlines and other uses of electricity.
FEB - The Swedish Association for the Electrically and VDT Injured
Provides a reference database that you can search or download. Information about electrosensitivity, also called Electrical Oversensitivity / Hypersensitivity phenomenon.
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