Violence at Workplace and Health and safety at work Guide - Human resources Review

Preventing Employee Violence in the Workplace
Publications, 1999 by the Regents of the University of Minnesota.
Workplace Safety
An overview of law related to workplace safety with links to key primary and secondary sources.
Workplace Violence Research Institute
Full-service provider in workplace violence prevention programs: Consulting, Incident Prevention, Training and Program Maintenance.
Minnesota Center Against Violence Abuse
Directory of workplace violence resources.
Interrupting the Cycle of Violence: Addressing Domestic Violence Through the Workplace
A Report Produced by the Ramsey County Initiative for Violence -Free Families and Communities
employee violence
Manage Emotional Problems Continuity Management
The Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence
Provides information on partner violence as a workplace issue.
Crisis Prevention Institute, Inc
Training professionals to defuse potentially violent individuals and situations through non-violent intervention.
Workplace Violence
Site dedicated to the awareness and prevention of workplace violence.
Frequently asked questions and answers from the AHI Employment Law Resource Center.
Employment testing program could effectively reduce workplace injury incidence and workplace injury cost.
Workplace Violence; Identifying Risks and Developing Solutions
A web site dedicated to the awareness and prevention of workplace violence.
Institute for Collaborative Solutions
Provides advocacy, counseling, research and training.
25 Ways to Prevent Workplace Violence During Terminations
Article on preventing workplace violence during terminations.
Fighting Foul-Ups
Sample problem and solution from AHI Employment Law Resource Center.
Professional Education Services
Offers prevention and physical-intervention procedures for organizations working with potentially aggressive populations. Provider of customized training programs in aggression management.
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