Emergency Materials for Workplace and Health and safety at work Guide - Human resources Review

American Sun
Provides news and informational links. Manufacturers first aid kits for the Red Cross, pets and bicycles.
Based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Provides survival, first aid, earthquake supplies emergency food and water supplies.
Survival gear, waterproof shoulder bags, solar radio, firestarting, tools, food, stove, survival equipment, waterproof survival kits. Complete emergency survival kits.
Emergency Product Kits (EPK)
Sells and distributes emergency kits.
Green Guard
Manufacturer and supplier of first aid supplies and safety equipment.
First Aiders Supply & Training
Supplying first aid/EMS/home health care products to volunteer and paid EMS personnel, individuals, ski patrol and government agencies.
International Safety
Resource for finding first aid, CPR and safety training companies and supplies. Online shopping of first aid supplies, first aid kits, safety products, CPR products, barriers devices, and emergency supplies.
Emergency Preparedness Service
Emergency preparedness supplies.
Initial Response Training Center
Provides CPR & first aid training & supplies and OSHA training programs.
Based in Sandy, Utah. Manufactures burnfree advanced first aid hydrogel products for burn injuries and burn/fire emergencies.
Top Safety Products
Offers first aid kits, EMT and first responder products and supplies.
Seton Identification Products
Also a manufacturer of identification products, including signs, labels and tags. Products are sold to multiple industries. Manufacturer of label making machines, first aid kits and burn kits.
CityAid First Aid
Providing Bay Area businesses with first aid kits, supplies, safety products and CPR training.
Quake Kare, Inc.: Emergency Supplies
Offers a line of disaster preparedness supplies and services, preparedness training, survival kits, first aid, including emergency supplies and more.
Emergency Film Group
Located in Massachusetts. Creates, produces and distributes training videos dealing with emergency response and hazardous materials issues.
Stat Medical Company
Supplies first aid and emergency medical technician supplies and equipment.
First Aid Direct
Based in Sunrise, Florida. Commercial distributor of first aid kits, supplies and safety equipment.
Emergency Supplies
The Spot To Find It! It Is All Here.
Survivor Industries
Products are sold to multiple industries. This company was capitalized by private in. Manufacturer of safety and security units which include first aid kits, pre-packaged food, drinking water, sanitation products and blankets and sleeping bags.
Aqua Blox
Purified, aseptically packaged, commercially sterile drinking water boxes and economical.
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