Consultancy for the Workplace Violence and Health and safety at work Guide - Human resources Review

A Workplace Violence Guide For the Media
Site dedicated to assisting the media in getting the word out on workplace violence.
Michael H. Corcoran, Ph.D. & Associates, Inc.
Also provides site safety evaluations, fitness-for-duty evaluations and threat assessments. Provider of presentations and seminars on workplace safety.
Crisis Prevention Institute, Inc
Training professionals to defuse potentially violent individuals and situations through non-violent intervention.
Edens Group Training Center
Provides school & workplace drug and violence policy development and implementation, and continuing education for the helping professional.
ManCom Team
Provider of human resource products and services, including workplace violence prevention and preparation, safety training and screening and background checks.
Chavez, Larry J. - Critical Incident Associates
A web site dedicated to the awareness and prevention of workplace violence.
A referral group of three internationally-known consulting firms who have teamed up to prevent workplace violence and to provide turnkey solutions to all corporate violence issues, dangerous employees, including verbal and physical threats and .
Workplace Violence Awareness and Prevention
Information from the Occupational Safety & Health Administration.
Center for Aggression Management
Provides training to managers and employees to measure, manage and prevent aggression and violence in our workplace and schools.
All Safety Training
Establishes OSHA compliant workplace violence programs.
Peaceful Paths
Specializes in: verbal violence prevention skills for workplace and street, defensive tactics and physical escape training and verbal and physical defense skills for women.
Pelavin, Anne
Dedicated to providing training, counseling, and instruction to anyone who is faced with the potential for violent situations.
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