Consultancy for the Ergonomics and Health and safety at work Guide - Human resources Review

Ergonomic Technologies Corporation (ETC)
Provides ergonomic audits, training and education, guidelines, risk assessment, evaluation of tool and education, evaluation of tool, product and equipment characteristics.
Open Ergonomics
UK based company that offers research and consultancy in human factors and comfort.
Ask Ergo Works
Full-service ergonomics company providing on-site workstation evaluations, workshop training, office space planning and on-site installations.
Mary Krost and Associates
Based in San Carlos, California. Specialize in preventing and reducing work-related musculoskeletal disorders utilizing customized ergonomic training seminars and on-site hazard identification, analysis and control.
R&R Research
Offices in Ohio and Colorado. Providing user research, product innovation, user interface design, usability testing and interactive systems evaluation consulting, training and research services.
ErgAerobics, Inc.
Ergonomics consulting firm specializing in programs to reduce injuries in the workplace and minimize the associated costs.
consultants have extensive experience in corporate ergonomic consulting services. Ergoweb Inc.
Laurelhurst Physical Therapy
Oregon based company that provides job site evaluation, physical capacity evaluation, clinic services and medical management.
Ergonomics, Inc.
An ergonomics consulting and training company based in Seattle, Washington.
Source Ergonomic, Inc.
Specializes in ergonomic products and services.
Monterey Technologies, Inc. (MTI)
Specializes in usability analysis, human factors engineering, cognitive engineering, user interface design, ergonomics, human factors research and technology for enhancing human performance, safety, and productivity.
Ergoworks Consulting
Maryland based company that provides comprehensive injury management, prevention training and OSHA compliance programs to corporate, ergonomic analysis and government clients.
Human Engineering Limited
Specialists in ergonomics and human factors solutions including design, evaluation, analysis and research.
Future Industrial Technologies
Provides on-site employee ergonomics training designed to prevent and eliminate cumulative trauma disorders and repetitive stress injuries.
Anacapa Sciences, Inc.
Located in Santa Barbara, California. Specializes in the application of human factors and ergonomics to the improvement of human performance in systems and organizations.
MED-TOX Health Services
Based in Ontario, California. Specializes in ergonomic analysis, occupational and environmental health and safety and medical/physical standards development.
Work Safe Consultants
Physical therapy firm that provides office ergonomics consulting services such as ergonomic program development, ergonomic equipment recommendations, education and training and adaptation recommendations.
Impacc USA
Based in Greenville, Maine. Provides publications, videos, seminars, and clinical products for individual concerned with their own health and business professional responsible for injury prevention.
Hu Tech Ergonomics Consultants
Provides supply specialist ergonomics and occupational health consultancy, litigation and training services.
Ergonomics Consulting & Exercise Therapy (EC-ET)
Customized ergonomic solutions by Shaena Dearman, a certified kinesiologist and ergonomist; Ontario, Canada.
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