Knowledge Resources on Diversity and Employment Diversity Guide - Human resources Review

Career Mosaic
Diversity links for women and minorities.
Native American Information Resource Server
Directory for Native Americans
Ready, Willing, and Able
Article by Carol Pickering, from Business 2.0.
Annals of biz idiocy: Get ready for your five-figure
Article by Suzy Hansen from
A League of Their Own
Article by Steve Zwick, from Time Europe.
Women's oversea assignments stymied by myths
Article by Sherri Pfeil from Employment Review Online.
Information Technology: Poster Boy
Article by Dan Biers and Margot Cohen from Far Eastern Economic Review.
Dynamics of the job search
Negri from Employment Review Online. Article by Richard A.
Women's views limit enrollment in MBA programs
Article by Kara Kitts from Employment Review Online.
Women and Underrepresented Minority Scientists and Engineers Employment
Directory of publications and surveys.
Hitting the Wall
Article by Colleen O'Connor from Business 2.0.
Diversity Central
Business center for managing diversity and developing cultural intelligence.
Choking on the velvet rope
Article by Carina Chocano from
Affirmative Action Goals Met by Diversity Programs
Article by Adam Sydney from Employment Review Online.
Difference Is Power
Hammonds from Fast Company. Article by Keith H.
Proactive strategies to prevent employment class action suits
Advice on preventing discrimination lawsuits, from Employment Review Online.
Healthcare industry targets cultural disparities
Article by Kara Kitts from Employment Review Online.
It doesn't take a sleuth to find talent
Article by Adam Sydney from Employment Review Online.
Internet sourcery
Article by Mouna Janah from Red Herring Magazine.
Courageous minority rewrites rules of management
Article from Joan Lloyd at Work.
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