Consultancy for the Diversity and Employment Diversity Guide - Human resources Review

Competitive Edge Consulting
Specialist in diversity training, quality, diversity consulting, public speaking, facilitation
Eastern Point Consulting Group, Inc.
Offers practical, creative solutions to complex business challenges.
Provider of full-service diversity consulting and training, including products designed to enhance diversity initiatives such as the 2002 Honoring Differences Calendar.
Innovative Learning Group - Wings Seminars
Offers management seminars, seminars in personal effectiveness, leadership seminars and communications.
J. Howard and Associates
Multicultural team of management,consulting and training experts committed to maximizing performance of all employees, specializing in diversity.
R. Thomas Consulting and Training
R. Roosevelt Thomas, Jr. Managing diversity and diversity management concepts developed by Dr.
Wealth in Diversity Consulting
Company that provides companies with the knowledge and skills to integrate diverse work forces.
21st Century Consulting, Inc.
Global leadership/development group with a contemporary education portfolio, program facilitators, and diversity/inclusion consultants and speakers.
The Freeman Institute
Program can be customized to address: conflict resolution, communication skills enhancement, teamwork, workforce diversity, leadership skills
Meridian Associates
Diversity consulting, training, books and seminars.
Paragon Management Consulting
Provider of consulting for effective team building, valuing diversity and inclusion, leadership and communication through workshops and meetings.
Eaton Consulting Group
Provides comprehensive, cross-cultural training & consulting services.
Provider of training in management development, team building, diversity and customer service.
Creativity Engineering: Diversity Consultants
Embracing diversity through training and team building using improv principles and techniques creating a context of total support and positive humor.
eWork Markets: Diversity Consultants
Project posting, comparing bids and choosing consultants is free. eWork Markets connects you to prequalified HR diversity consultants.
Chesley-James Group
Human resource consulting firm providing inquiries and mediation of discrimination complaints and workplace grievances, as well as training in diversity and labor relations.
Specializing in affirmative action plans & human resource solutions.
Communication Core
Training on diversity issues including cross-cultural awareness and diversity management.
Thiederman, Sondra
Offers entertaining and practical speeches and training on workplace diversity and cross-cultural business.
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