Software for Retirement Benefits and Benefits anc compensations Guide - Human resources Review

401(k) Easy
Provides 401 (k) administration software, 401 (k) plan and companion materials for small businesses.
Software program for small businesses to find the optimum benefit formula under a profit-sharing plan.
Ulysses Software
Makers of Pension Assistant: in house client/server pension software for employer self-administration.
Retirement & estate planning software.
Retirement Products
Develops retirement software for corporations.
Benefits Software
Employee administration: benefits, salary, training & accession tools
Brentmark Software
Develops software for estate, retirement and financial planning professionals.
BenXL Technologies
Pension administration software development company providing services in the areas of plan design, defined benefit system development and implementation.
Electronic data collection tool that automates the collection and reporting of retirement plan data.
Annuity People, The
Develops software for 403 (b) and 401 (k) financial professionals.
American Financial Systems
Software solutions for supplemental benefits.
Document assembly software for probate, family law, guardianship and retirement planning documents.
AccuDraft Pro 2.0
Software system for drafting pension documents using on-screen questionnaires.
Torrid Technologies
Located in Marietta, Georgia. Develops retirement planning software for individuals.
Actuarial Systems Corporation
Supplier of retirement plan software, 401 (k) software, including pension administration and valuation systems.
Investment Scenario Generator
Asset allocation technology for optimizing investment income during retirement.
Incompass, Inc.
Provides software applications for today's retirement plan administrator.
Alcar Group, Inc. (The)
Developer of Alcar Consolidator(tm), which is an add-on module. Developer of Alcar Currency Translator(tm), which is also an add-on module translating currency. Dev. Developer of Alcar(tm), a financial planning, analysis and modeling software.
Blaze SSI
Creates and supports application software for pension, government forms, distribution tax planning, life insurance , compliance testing, FAS106 valuation, 401 (k) and 403 (b) plan design and administration and medical risk assessment.
Archimedes Systems, Inc.
The software is designed to help integrate corporate and public sector employees and employers and personal and spousal resources to develop a model of projected retiremen. Developer of retirement planning software called Retirement Insight(tm).
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