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Personal Finance
Article by Perry Glasser, from CIO Magazine.
CompensationResourcesInc: Equity & Stock Options
Provides comprehensive compensation and human resource consulting services including salary administration, and performance management.
Reverse Vesting. Go Ahead, Ask for It.
Geer, from eCompany Now. Article by Carolyn T.
Stock Options, Phantom Stock, and other Non-ESOP Equity Incentive Plans
A discussion of equity incentive plans, such as stock options, that serve as alternatives or complements to an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP).
Make Money With Options
How I turned $5,000 into $1 Million With Options Guru Steve Sarnoff
This Salary Has No Options
Article on the Worker Economic Opportunity Act, from Wirednews.com.
Bay Area Job Applicants Learn to Bargain Over Stock Options
Article from SFgate.com.
Pay Equity
Information and research from Auxillium West
Survey on Stock Options in Private Industry for 1999
Article from HR Hub.
Stock options not only for top dogs
Article by Sara Nathan, USA Today.
Let Them Eat Options
Article by Peter Sayer, from CIO Magazine.
ESOPs Advantageous For Employees and Employers
Article by Bruce Ashton.
Taking stock of your options
Article by Ray Martin, CBS.MarketWatch.com.
The Stock Option Culture
Article by Jack Anderson, from Forbes.com.
Dot Coms Doling Out Mega-Salaries And Perks In Race To Attract And Retain Top Talent
Article on compensation and benefits in Silicon Valley.
Stock Options and Divorce
Article from About.com.
ESOP Resource Library
The ESOP Association is the source for information about employee ownership and employee benefit plans which make the employees of a company owners of stock in that company.
Cashing in?
Article- 'Stock options are no longer just for high-tech start-ups or top-level employees.'
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Sleeping With The Enemy: Negotiating A Postnuptial
Alex Tarquinio. Article about married couples and ESOP's, by J.
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