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Comp Time
Frequently asked questions and answers from the AHI Employment Law Resource Center.
State Minimum Wage Laws
CCH Business Owner's Toolkit - Sometimes individual states set minimum wages either above or below the federal minimum wage
Minimum Wage Over the Years
Living Wage, The
Bookllet- Follow an Oregon family from welfare to living wage employment
Sense and Nonsense on the Minimum Wage
Article from The Cato Review of Business & Government
Wage Garnishment
Facts about Wage Garnishment from HRNext
Minimum Wage and Unemployment
Graph and explanation of miniumum wage implications on unemployment from an economics point of view
Clinton signs minimum wage increase
News from CNN Interactive
STAWRS- federal site with a one-stop guide for employer tax and wage information
One-Stop Guide for Businesses is designed to assist employers with tax and wage reporting.
Oregon Minimum Wage Increases Boost Welfare-to-Work Efforts
Research from The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
House passes minimum wage increase
News from CNN Interactive
Living Wage Resource Center
National living wage movement information, research summaries, drafting tips, talking points, background materials and links to other living wage-related sites.
National Jobs for All Coalition
A movement for full employment
National Labor Committee
A human rights advocacy group that focuses on the promotion and defense of worker rights
Employment Policies Online
A research organization dedicated to studying entry-level employment issues.
Federal Minimum Wage
Latest federal minimum wage news from G. Neil Companies
The Minimum Wage: Washington's Perennial Myth
Article by Matthew B. Kibbe
The Ugly Truth About the Minimum Wage Law
Article by Jim Cox
Democratic Hot Topics: Minimum Wage
Information from the U.S. House Democratic Leadership Hot Topics page
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