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Investor Tips: Variable Annuities
Security and Exchange Commision offers a general description of variable annuities including what they are, how they work, and charges. U.S.
Invest FAQ: Annuities
Discusses fixed and variable annuities. Detailed article explains the costs and benefits of investing in annuities.
Total Return Annuities
Provides annuity quotes and annuity calculators for many different annuities, deferred, including immediate and fixed annuities.
Annuities Info
Get Info on Annuities from 14 Search Engines in 1.
Immediate Annuities
Use online calculator to find high paying immediate annuities. Immediate income annuity quotes calculated instantly.
The Annuity Shoppe: Annuity US Agents Only
Over 25 Carriers, searchable annuity database, equity indexed, immediate. Fixed annuity calculators. US Rates and quotes for over 350 fixed annuities. Retirement Annuities
Provides online comparison of rates and quotes for retirement annuities from companies in all 50 states, as well as ratings and advice.
Direct Annuities
Company providing individuals with the annuity information needed to create financial stability and security.
J.G. Wentworth: Annuity Purchase Programs
Provides flow of capital to individuals through exchange of a structured settlement or annuity for immediate cash payment. Free Annuity Quotes
Assists users in finding a fixed, variable or immediate annuity that best fits needs. Source for annuity quotes.
Annuity Advantage
Compare over 300 CD-type annuities, equity-indexed annuities, fixed annuities and immediate annuities from major providers.
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