Wastewater and Water and Wastewater and water Guide - Energy and environment Review

Zeta Corporation is a developmental stage company.
Eaglebrook, Inc.
Producer of ferric chlorides and sulfates used in waste treatment facilities. Products and services are sold to the water and wastewater industries. Provider of waste management and treatment services.
America Pacific Water Industries: Water Treatment
Includes reverse osmosis systems. Offers a complete line of water treatment equipment, filtration, piping products and accessories.
Lenntech Water- & Luchtbehandeling
Designs and manufactures water and air treatment systems for disinfection, filtration, odor control and recycling of water and air using environmentally friendly technologies.
Oregon Water Resources Department
Managers of Oregon's public water, alsp promotes water conservation and coordinates water planning activities.
Duane Moyer Well Drilling
Company that provides well drilling, New York, water conditioning and water system services to homeowners and builders in Pennsylvania and Virginia.
Purestream, Inc.
Products include low-speed surface aerators, chemical removal equipment, sequencing batch reactors/systems, biological waste consuming microorganisms and rotating biological contractor systems. P. Manufacturer of wastewater treatment equipment.
Dacar Industries, Inc.
Producer of waste water chemical products for use in municipal waste water and sewage plants as w. Producer of industrial water treatment chemicals for use in boiler treatments, cooling water treatments and industrial water systems applications.
Purac Technologies
Process engineering and contracting company specializing in the treatment of wastewater and municipal and industrial water.
The Edwards Aquifer
Provider of information and diagrams about groundwater system and its properties.
Koch/Infinity: Wastewater Equipment, Chemicals & Consulting
Offers a range of wastewater treatment chemicals, dredging, polymers, equipment such as belt filter presses and consulting services.
Minnesota Valley Testing Laboratories, Inc.
Services are provided to various industries, municipalities and private parties. Provider of microbiological testing, water and wastewater analysis, soil and coal analysis and food testing services.
F.E. Myers Co.
The company also manufactures industrial, centrifugal, non-clog and grinder pumps. Products are sold to the domestic water systems i. Manufacturer of sump, sewage, waste-handling and industrial pumps; and submersible and jet water system pumps.
Manchester Corp.
The water treatment equipment includes water filtration, ion exchange and water purification equipment. Th. Manufacturer of water recycling systems, nitrate destruction systems, industrial wastewater treatment and air pollution control systems.
Biomin Inc.
Expert Wastewater Treatment Solutions!
DEL Industries
The products are used for water purification in residential and commercial pools, spas, recreational vehicles, cooling towers, aquatic life support and sewage treatment. Products are sold to poo. Manufacturer of both UV and CD ozone generators.
Ground-Water Remediation Technologies Analysis Center
Provider of current information concerning innovative ground-water remediation technologies.
A&L Analytical Laboratories, Inc.
Provider of agricultural and environmental consulting services. Services are pr. Provider of wastewater analysis services, soil analysis services, water analysis services, microbiological analysis services and biotechnological testing services.
USFilter: Water and Wastewater Treatment Services
A leader in products, institutional, systems, and services for water and wastewater treatment for industrial and municipal customers.
Polychem Corp.
The company also manufactures cast nylon sprockets, cast nylon buckets and steel mill bearings. Products and services are sold to the waste water,. Provider of custom designed non-metallic chains for the water and wastewater treatment industry.
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