Recycling and Reclamation and Wastewater and water Guide - Energy and environment Review

Pan America Environmental
Products and services are provided to the government, the military and private companies. This company was capitalized by private investment. Manufacturer of industrial wastewater treatment services.
Designer and manufacturer of chemical water treatment products and air purification devices.
S.A. Organics
Recycler of bio-organic waste produced by sewage sludge (bio-sludge), agricultural waste, industrial waste and solid wastes.
Engineering Solutions
Manufacturer and supplier of wastewater recycling and treatment systems.
Wastewater Resources
Manufacturer of works in the areas of water treatment and wastewater re-use.
Advanced Conservation Technologies
Specializes in designing water conservation programs for apartments buildings and condominiums.
Water Perfect-LC
Products are sold to the car wash and other industries. This company was capitalized by corporate investment. Manufacturer of PolyMiser System(tm), a water reclamation system.
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Compliance Systems
Designs, installs and services technologies for wastewater treatment, manufactures and waste minimization problems.
Koch/Infinity: Wastewater Reclaimation
A full service wastewater management company offering new and refurbished equipment, dewatering, dredging and specialty chemicals and polymers.
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