Organic and Biological and Wastewater and water Guide - Energy and environment Review

S.A. Organics
Recycler of bio-organic waste produced by sewage sludge (bio-sludge), agricultural waste, industrial waste and solid wastes.
Cleveland Biotech
Grows naturally occurring bacteria to create products for the degradation of organic wastes, cellulose, including fats, oil and greases and chlorinated organics.
Specializes purely in biological waste water treatment.
American Biosystems
Specializes in direct-fed microbials for animal feed and products for aquaculture, domestic, municipal and industrial waste treatment.
Electrochemical Design Associates
Provider of electrochemical and electro-biological processes, effluent, equipment and systems for water, wastewater and ground/groundwater treatments.
Roebic Laboratories
Approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Manufacturer of specialized biodegradable products for wastewater treatment, agricultural, and commercial applications.
Provider of services and software products for the wastewater and water treatment sector, including modeling contaminant, modeling disinfection and biofiltration.
Organic And Biological
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Anatel Corporation
Manufacturer of water and on-line organic carbon analysis systems for markets such as pharmaceutical, microelectronic, biotechnology, medical device and potable water.
Zeta Corporation
Specializes in electronic deposit and biofouling control for industrial water systems.
Bon Aqua International
Manufacturer of nonchemical water treatment alternative used water systems, cooling systems and heat exchange equipment.
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