Equipment in Water Softening and Wastewater and water Guide - Energy and environment Review

ScaleStopper Products International
Supplier of water softeners to the water softening industry.
Water Unlimited
Provider of water treatment products for homes and businessess.
Ward Ltd
Suppliers and fitters of water softeners and filters.
Specializes in water treament, inlcuding limescale and hard problems.
Water Company Store
Based in Kansas. Supplier of water filtration and conditioning products.
USFilter: Softeners
A leader in products, institutional, systems, and services for water and wastewater treatment for industrial and municipal customers.
Cornerstone Water Systems
Manufactures, installs and services water systems in the Arizona market.
Water Softeners/Conditioners
Specializes in residential, commercial and agricultural Water treatment systemss, sales and service.
Manufacturer of water treatment systems.
Clearwater GMX
Provider of environmentally safe alternativeto traditional salt based water softeners.
Save on water treatment
Top quality softeners, R.O.'s and filter systems - full range
Infilco Degremont
Manufacturer of water and wastewater treatment equipment, including clarification and filtration products, for industrial and municipal use.
HydroServe Technologies
Provides water treatment technology and systems for residential, commercial and industrial customers.
Lifescience Products
Specializes in water systems, including electronic scale protection and water softeners.
Agua Del Sol
Located in Arizona. Manufacturers and marketers of solar water distillers for making drinking water.
Hart Water Company
Specializes in salt delivery, water conditioning and water softeners.
Distributor of water softeners offering service in sales, installation and salt delivery.
Desert View Water Technology
Provider of water-softening and purification technology for individual and commercial applications.
Ohio Pure Water Company
Distributor of water softeners, purifiers, conditioners and ultra violet systems.
MAG-SOL Enterprises
Provider of magnetic treatment for hard water problems in homes, pools and businesses.
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