Design and Construction Services in the Water Industry and Wastewater and water Guide - Energy and environment Review

TEAM Consultants
Provider of engineering, design, inspection and repair services to owners and operators of aboveground storage tanks and systems.
McKim & Creed
Multidisciplinary planning and design firm providing comprehensive services for water resources, transportation, land development, commercial building and heavy and high-tech industrial markets.
Systems and Control Group, Uppsala University
Developers of control and estimation strategies for wastewater treatment plants.
Patrick H. Kinghorn
Provider of design, operation, construction and sales services of ultrapure water treatment systems.
Company designs, desalination, constructs and services reverse osmosis and water purification and distilling plants.
Services include modernizations and improvements, plant expansions and new. Provider of services in many markets, including transportation, water and wastewater treatment, water pipelines, manufacturing and industrial, general building and power.
George Butler Associates
Full-service professional design firm providing architectural, electrical, transportation, water, wastewater, utilities management, environmental, civil/site development, surveying, mechanical, fire protection, structural and landscape architec.
DYK Prestressed Tanks
Provider of designs, structural calculations and tank construction for flexible seismic restraint systems.
Integrated Engineers
Consultants specializing in wastewater cogensystem and design engineering.
AJM Environmental Services
Specializes in the design, manufacture and construction of industrial wastewater treatment, potable water treatment and sludge dewatering plants.
Anderson and Associates
Designs service made up of engineers, land surveyors and architects.
Compliance & Recycling, Inc.
Services are provided to the circuit board and metal finishing industries. This company was capitalized by private investment. Provider of waste management consulting services.
Oasis Design
Provider of design consulting services for water, wastewater and solar systems.
WaterPartners International
Providers of services for water supplies in developing countries, helping communities design and construct water supply systems.
Advanced Conservation Technologies
Specializes in designing water conservation programs for apartments buildings and condominiums.
Greeley and Hansen
Provider of water, including facility design engineering, wastewater and solid waste management and operations assistance.
Hydro Science Engineers
Provider of engineering services specializing in the planning, construction management and operation of water, design and recycled water projects.
Robert Bray Associates
Provider of commercial and environmental design services for drainage consultancy.
Construction Trends
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Harza Environmental Services
With offices and projects throughout the world, expertise includes engineering, architecture, procurement, project finance, and construc. Harza is a consulting engineering firm specializing in the development of water,energy, and land resources.
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