Data Resources for Wastewater and Water and Wastewater and water Guide - Energy and environment Review

Flush Gordon's Wastewater Page
Provider of information on water pollution, wastewater treatment and pollution prevention.
Sewerage Systems Directory
Directory for companies providing sewerage systems services.
environmental data interactive exchange (edie)
Free personalized, information and communications service for water, interactive news and environment professionals around the world.
World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Wastewater Engineering
Provider of a virtual library of information on water and wastewater industries.
Annual Water Quality Reports
Provides water quality reports for 1999 and 2000.
NCSU Water Quality Group
Provider of services for water quality information and technical assistance on natural resources and waste management.
Water Recycling
Provider of information about water treatment and the water cleaning process.
Wastewater Odor Biofilter
Free cost calculator. Cost-effective hydrogen sulfide removal.
Provider of indoor air and water pollution information, with resources for indoor air and water quality products and systems.
Water Engineering & Management
Provider of news and information concerning environmental and engineering issues for the water purification industry.
Watershed - The System
Offers information technology services for land-based enterprises.
Information to educate the public about protecting their home environment from surface and subsurface contaminants, including those in groundwater and soil.
Water Strategist Community
Water news and discussion forums for water resources.
World Wide Water
Information on the world of water, wastewater and desalination.
USGS Water Resources
Provider of water resource information from the US Geological Survey.
Water Business Center
Provider of direct message transmission of lists of manufacturing and distributing companies.
Water and Waste International
Provider of online news and technology serving engineers, managers, and consultants in the water and wastewater industry.
Provider of an online news and technology source for engineers, managers and consultants in the water and wastewater industry.
Earth Forums
Provider of forums and information about environmental concerns such as solar and wind power, sustainable living, water quality , agriculture, environmental preservation, recycling and more.
Water-Wastewater Web
Offers services for communication, education and information exchange between professionals throughout the water industry.
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