Chemicals for Water Treatment and Wastewater and water Guide - Energy and environment Review

Deioners Specialty Chemicals
Manufacturer of products for treating boiler and cooling water systems, including descalants, water testing kits and acid corrosion inhibitors.
Pace Chemicals Ltd.
Manufacturer of water treatment products specifically formulated to prevent corrosion and scale in boilers, cooling towers, closed recirculating systems and chillers.
Water Treatment Warehouse, Inc.
Sells a full line of USDA registered chemicals for boilers, cooling towers, and closed loop systems.
Mastrrr Company
Manufacturers of a variety of chemical induction feeder mixers for municipal water and wastewater, industrial and pharmaceutical and food processing industries.
Ionic Solutions Ltd
Manufacturers of a full range of flocculants and coagulants
Fine Horse Chemical
Chinese manufacturer of chemicals for water treatment, food additives and pharmaceutical products.
Chemline, Inc.
Manufacturer of water treatment chemicals formulated to prevent deposits, corrosion and biological fouling in boiler and cooling water systems.
Coral Chemical
Developer and manufacturer of specialty chemicals including metal-finishing solvents, lubricants, rust inhibitors and water treatment products.
ProEconomy Legionella Treatment
Offers an specialized water treatment system for hospitals, care homes, cooling towers and office buildings which controls legionella.
Eastern Technologies, Inc.
Provider of local water treatment professionals.
Producer of active ingredients for antiperspirants, vaccine adjuvants, plastics and anti-acids as well as KCl for food and pharmaceutical industries.
Chongqing Chuandong Chemical
Producer of phosphate chemicals, medical intermediates, agricultural and water-treatment chemicals.
Supplier of water softeners aimed to banish limescale and hard water problems.
Kemwater North America Co.
Products are sold to the wastewater treatment, water treatment and pulp and paper industries. This company was capitalized by corpora. Producer of water treatment chemicals including polyaluminum chloride, aluminum sulfate and sodium aluminate.
Tricon Chemical
Manufacturer and distributor of water treatment chemicals also provides treatment services.
Thermidaire Water Treatment Chemicals
Manufacturer, hot and chilled closed loop systems, blender and supplier of industrial water treatment chemicals, for steam boilers, cooling towers and chilled closed loop systems, cooling towers, lubricant, sealant and fuel oil diesel treatment.
Freeston Water Treatment
Supplies water treatment, softening, chemicals and chlorination programmes in the UK.
Manufacturer of HYDROBREAK® a specialized water treatment for use on contaminated surfaces, based on active ingredients that feed on contaminats and dye-off once all contaminats are consumed.
Norchem Corporation
Manufactures specialty chemicals designed for all segments of the laundry industry, including NUpHase, Protex and Lintex.
Bio-Cide International
Some of the their most popular brands of products are: Oxine, Purogene, Sanogene, Odorid and EnviroCon. International manufacturer of stabilized chlorine dioxide-based disinfectants that are effective on a broad spectrum of microorganisms.
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