Software for the Environment and Energy and Softwares Guide - Energy and environment Review

Skire: Plant Lifecycle Management Software
Manage processes, cost controls, and global collaboration. Provides software for planning, design, construction, and operations of facilities.
Energy Management Software Directory
Compare energy management software using Capterra's free, comprehensive directory.
EnSite Inc.
A Nebraska consulting and software company, specializing in the energy industry.
Contango Energy International
Company providing energy risk management software and consulting services to electricity and gas producers, retailers, end-users and wholesale traders.
Financial Engineering Associates (FEA)
Develops software for the pricing and risk management of derivative securities for energy firms.
Ohio-based supplier of energy software and services, including a wide variety of options for managing business energy costs, from energy accounting software to utility rate analysis and aggregation services.
Sakonnet Technology, LLC
New York based provider of energy risk management and trade processing software for the crude oil, refined products, natural gas and electricity markets.
Enter Software, Inc.
Applications run on IBM PC compatibles. Products are sold to the energy industry. Developer of GateCycle(tm) and EfficiencyMap(tm) software which enables the programmer to design and analyze power plants.
Virchow, Krause & Co., LLP
The software runs on IBM PCs and compatibles, RS6000 computers and UNIX and Wang systems. Parent/holding company with a high-tech. Developer of general ledger, payroll, order processing/billing, public utilities and voter registration software.
Triple Point Technology
A supplier of commodities trading software, systems and services headquartered in Connecticut.
Developer of Internet-accessible applications used by the energery and utilities and manufacturing industries.
ESP: Software for Environmental Management
Streamline your environmental program from facility-level to corporate-level. Air, water and waste. Environmental data management software.
Environmental software
Streamline compliance, reduce risk, simplify reporting. ESP
Associated Systems, Inc.
Provides advanced utility billing software customer information systems with online customer service access features, compatible service work order systems, and financial management systems for utilities.
Avatar Systems Limited
Solutions include accounting/financial management, production management, land management, oil and gas marketing and electronic data exchange. Accounting software includes payable, production. Developer of oil and petroleum accounting software.
NewEnergy Associates
Georgia based firm provides decision support and operations management software and consulting services to energy companies.
Offering integrated trade management software solutions for the liquid hydrocarbons industry.
EarthInfo, Inc.
Products and services are sold to the environmental industry. Developer of custom CD-ROM database software solutions for access to weather, water and soils data.
KRS Enterprises
The accounting software includes general ledger, payroll,. Developer of accounting, utility billing, installment loan management, job costing, well driller, HVAC, warehouse/distribution, trucking, vehicle maintenance and transportation software.
These products provide integrated conceptual design, performance analysis, costing and financial analysis for power and cogeneration . Developer of SOAPP(R), a power plant conceptual design and project strategic decision support software system.
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