Development Research for Energy and R&D Guide - Energy and environment Review

Internet Corporate Business Services
Services are provided to multiple industries. This company was capitalized by private investment. Provider of Internet advertising, hosting, domain name registering, e-mail, web site design and graphics development services.
Energy Investments
Development company for energy resources, with projects in the Columbia River Basin, Yahoo Coalbed Methane and East Clear Creek.
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Laboratory focuses on research and development related to waste management, global environmental change, environmental restoration and national security.
Synapse Energy Economics
Provider of research and consulting firm services that specialize in energy, economic and environmental topics.
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Research is provided for the US Department of Energy. This company was . Research and development organization involved in magnetic fusion as a safe, economical and environmentally acceptable method of long term generation of electrical energy.
Savannah River Ecology Laboratory (SREL)
Department of Energy that conducts ecological research at the Savannah River Site (SRS), a nuclear weapons materials processing complex on the Georgia/South Carolina. Federal laboratory operated by the University of Georgia and funded by the U.S.
Underwriters Laboratories: Energy Research and Development
Demand the certification recognized and appreciated by regulators, retailers and consumers alike - the UL Mark. Go to market with complete confidence.
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Other areas include environmental technology, manufacturing research and development se. Research and development organization specializing in energy, advanced materials, chemistry, biotechnology and artificial intelligence related applications.
National Supercomputing Center for Energy and the Environment
Supercomputer facility with onsite and offsite user training to academic and research institutions, government and private industry for energy and environmental research and development.
Netherlands Energy Research Foundation
Conduct energy research for government and industry in six areas; solar, clean fossil, biomass, energy efficiency, wind and policy studies.
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
A US Department of Energy national laboratory, with a focus on global security, whose mission is to apply science and technology in the national interest, global ecology, operated by the University of California and bioscience.
Sandia National Laboratories
The laboratories are concerned with research in the areas of defense, energy and environmental testing, advanced manufacturing in electronics and information s. Provider of multi-program research and support services to the Department of Energy.
Joint Institute for Energy and Environment
User of resources from Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the Tennessee Valley Authority and the University of Tennessee to find solutions to key issues of energy, economics and the environment.
Agile Software: PLM Software for Energy & Environment R & D
Offers PLM solutions designed to help companies optimize the product lifecycle with enterprise-class solutions and value-driven implementations.
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC)
SLAC is a basic research laboratory, probing the structure of matter at the atomic scale with x rays and at much smaller scales with electron and positr. A national laboratory operated by Stanford University for the US Department of Energy (DOE).
Lawrence Berkley National Lab Environmental Energy Technologies Division
The Environmental Energy Technologies Division performs research and development leading to better energy technologies and the reduction of adverse energy-related environmental impacts.
The Energy, Environment and Resources Center (EERC)
Conducts multidisciplinary research, primarily in environmental and energy supply fields, and provides publications and various resources.
Argonne National Laboratory - Energy Systems Division
The US federal governments research lab, divided into three Centers; Industrial Technologies, Environmental Restoration and Transportation Research.
Ames Laboratory
Department of Energy (DOE) research laboratory operated by Iowa State University. The lab develops solutions to energy-related problems through the exploration of chemical, engineering, materials, mathematical and physical sciences. U.S.
Southwest Research Institute (SwRI)
Its scientists, engineers, and support members perform fundamental and applied research for commercial and government clients worldwide. An independent, nonprofit research and development facility located in Texas.
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