Safety in Nuclear Power and Nuclear power issues Guide - Energy and environment Review

Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety (IDNS)
Provides radiation protection for individuals in Illinois by establishing, implementing and enforcing radiation protection measures and standards.
Department of Nuclear Safety
International organization concerned with nuclear installation safety, nuclear safety coordination, and radiation protection and waste safety.
Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety
An organization focused on increasing public awareness concerning the issues posed by radioactivity and the nuclear industry.
Nuclear Safety at the European Commission
Information on the EU's nuclear safety coordination, protection and regulations
Slovenian Nuclear Safety Administration
Regulates nuclear and radiological safety of facilities, transport and handling of nuclear and radioactive materials, nuclear trade and control of nuclear materials.
NEA Safety and Regulation
Contributes to the development of nuclear energy as a safe, environmentally-acceptable and economical energy source through co-operation among its participating countries.
was formed for the purpose of developing and commercially exploiting a proprietary radiation shielding technology (the Nurescell Technology) for use by the nuclear power industry and others producing, handling or storing radioacti. Nurescell Inc.
European Commission: Nuclear Fission Safety Program
Pursues an overall approach to nuclear safety taking into account all the various aspects, ranging from the utilization of nuclear energy to medical applications.
Fact Sheet: Nuclear Power Plant Emergency
Provides radiation protection for individuals in Illinois by establishing, implementing and enforcing radiation protection measures and standards.
Advisory Committee on External Regulation of Department of Energy Nuclear Safety
Provides information for historical perspective on US Department of Energy legislation on nuclear safety.
VATESI: State Nuclear Power Safety Inspectorate
State nuclear regulatory agency of Lithuania.
Russian International Nuclear Safety Center
Carries out R&D work to ensure the safety of nuclear power plants, research reactors, space and maritime nuclear reactors.
Nikkei Net: Nuclear Safety At Risk
Article on Britain apologizing for the conduct of a state-run company that falsified nuclear fuel data in a shipment to a Japanese utility, plus links to other related articles.
RISO: Nuclear Safety Research Department
Denmark-based lab that works in the fields of reactor safety, production of radioactive materials, radiation protection and nuclear instruments.
STUK: Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority
Finnish agency that regulates nuclear energy production and all activities that make use of radiation or radioactive substances.
INSC: International Nuclear Safety Center
Develops enhanced nuclear safety technology and promotes the open exchange of nuclear safety information among nations.
Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board (DNFSB)
Responsible for independent, external oversight of all activities in the Department of Energy's nuclear weapons complex affecting nuclear health and safety.
Australian Radiation Protection & Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA)
Federal government agency responsible for protecting the health and safety of people, and the environment, from the harmful effects of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation.
EUR-Lex: Directory of Community Legislation
List of nuclear safety and radioactive waste legislation currently in force.
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