Equipment for Nuclear Power and Nuclear power issues Guide - Energy and environment Review

Kobe Steel, Ltd: Plant Engineering Sector
Produces desulfurization reactors and oxygen generation plants for oil refining and petrochemical plants, as well as a wide range of power generation and gas supply facilities, nuclear equipment and district heating & cooling systems.
General Electric Nuclear Energy
With its affiliates GE provides a wide array of technology-based products and services that help owners of Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) nuclear power plants safely operate their plants with greater efficiency and output.
Designs and manufactures sophisticated electronics equipment for Nuclear Physics research
Preferred Engineering
Also a developer of nuclear power plant shutdown and maintenance procedures. Products and services are sold to the utilities industry. Manufacturer of nuclear power plant accessories used for maintenance purposes.
Meter Conversion
Manufacturer of lightweight, power plants, portable nuclear radiation monitors for immediate testing of environmental radon and radioactivity in homes and oil fields.
Manufacturer of specialty welded titanium, desalination, stainless steel and copper-nickel tubing for the power generation and petrochemical processing industries.
Fagerstrom Industrikonsult
Engineering contracting company developing and designing decontamination systems and equipment for the nuclear power plant industry worldwide.
Container Products Corp. (CPC)
Developer and manufacturer of waste reduction equipment, decontamination equipment and containers to the nuclear and private sector industries.
Nuclear radiation detection instruments.
Atomic Energy Corporation of South Africa
The AEC manufactures, markets and supplies a wide range of innovative hi-technology products and services to most South African market sectors and various foreign market sectors.
Overhoff Technology Corporation (OTC)
Specialist in designing and manufacturing radiation measuring devices, ranging from simple hand-held units to complex integrated digital radiation monitoring systems.
Sentry Equipment Corp.
The products include heat recovery products, conventional sampling systems which deal with water and other liquids, sampling condition compressors, cool. Manufacturer of automated sampling systems for fossil fuel plants and nuclear power plants.
Canberra Corp.
Developer of nuclear analysis software. The s. Manufacturer of equipment for radio analytic measurement and detection for environment laboratories, waste analysis, environmental clean-up and decontamination and decommissioning of nuclear sites.
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