Data Resources in Nuclear Power and Nuclear power issues Guide - Energy and environment Review

ORNL: Computer Science and Mathematics Division
Oak Ridge National Laboratory division that conducts basic and applied research in high performance computing, applied mathematics, and intelligent systems.
Pantex Plant
Nuclear weapons assembly and disassembly facility.
Department of Energy. A former plutonium production complex, Hanford is currently engaged in the world's largest environmental cleanup project, with many challenges to be resolved in the face of overlappin. The Hanford Site is managed by the U.S.
NC State University Libraries: Nuclear Engineering
Introduction to some of the sources of nuclear engineering information currently available in the NCSU libraries.
Savannah River Site
SRS serves the nation through safe, nuclear materials, secure, cost-effective management of our nuclear weapons stockpile and the environment.
Virtual Nuclear Tourist
General information regarding nuclear power around the world.
Uranium Institute
The site provides public information on uranium, nuclear fuel, nuclear power and related topics. The International Association for Nuclear Energy.
University of Wisconsin-Madison, College Library: Nuclear Waste
Research guide to sources that focus on radioactive pollution resulting from nuclear weapons production and testing and nuclear reactor emissions being a controversial environmental and health issue.
A worldwide Mining Portal Site and Business Center on the Internet providing a source of news and information concerning all aspects of worldwide mining and mineral exploration.
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)
DARPA is the central research and development organization for the Department of Defense (DoD).
It is aimed at assisting journalists, legislators, regulators, educators—the thoughtful and concerned reader, though not necessarily the technically . An online resource for the basic scientific, technical and international nuclear policy issues.
Waste Disposal
Online global news service providing the latest information on waste disposal, nuclear waste, hazardous & medical waste and recycling.
Nuclear Energy FAQs -John McCarthy, Stanford University
Professor McCarthy discusses nuclear energy as a part of a more general discussion of why human material progress is sustainable.
The Health Effects Institute
The Health Effects Institute (HEI) is an independent, impartial, nonprofit corporation chartered in 1980 to provide high-quality and relevant science on the health effects of pollutants from motor vehicles and from other sources in the environm.
Uranium Information Centre
The UIC web site is to assist public understanding of uranium mining and nuclear electricity generation.
Waste Link Guide.
A reference source for radioactive waste management professionals.
Uranium - The Deadliest Metal
1992 article published by Perception magazine about uranium and radioactivity.
National Nuclear Data Center
Provides information services in the fields of low and medium energy nuclear physics to users in the United States and Canada.
Silex Systems Limited
Develops a laser based, isotope separation technology known as SILEX (Separation of Isotopes by Laser EXcitation).
Fernald Environmental Management Project
Former uranium processing facility undergoing environmental remediation by DOE.
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