Governmental Natural Gas and Natural gas utilities Guide - Energy and environment Review

Missouri Public Service Commission Home Page
Provider of support services for the economic security and growth of Missouri communities.
Maryland Public Service Commission
Regulates gas, telephone, electric and sewage disposal companies in the state.
New Hampshire Public Service Commission Home Page
Provider of regulation services to all public utilities and railroads in New Hampshire.
Delaware Public Service Commission Home Page
Provider of regulating services to investor-owned utilities and companies providing electric, water, natural gas and cable services for public use within the unincorporated areas of the state of Delaware.
Oklahoma Corporation Commission
Regulates, the establishment of rates and services of public utilities, enforces the laws and supervises the exploration and production of oil and gas, the storage and dispensing of petroleum-based fuels and services of public utilities, and the operation of intrastate transpor.
Oregon Public Utility Commission
Regulates the customer rates and services of the state's investor-owned electric and natural gas companies, certain telephone services and water utilities.
Texas Bureau of Economic Geology
State geological survey describing geologic research initiatives, offering geological publications, and providing links to other geoscience resources.
Idaho Public Utilities Commission
Regulatory agency for electric, gas, telephone and water in the State of Idaho.
Missouri Division of Motor Carrier and Railroad Safety
Provider of information on motor carrier and railroad regulations in Missouri.
Utah Public Service Commission Home Page
Provider of information about the public service commission of Utah.
Arkansas Public Service Commission
Creates a competitive marketplace for utility companies and ensures safe, reliable and reasonably-priced utility distribution service.
South Dakota Public Utilities Commission
Regulates the rates and service quality of investor-owned electric, and telephone utilities, natural gas and has territorial jurisdiction over all retail electric companies.
Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control
Regulates the electric, water, cable TV and gas industries in the state.
Railroad Commission of Texas
Provider of regulatory agency services with information about Texas alternative fuels, crude oil, natural gas and reclamation.
Nebraska Public Service Commission
Regulates telecommunications companies, taxicab and limousine operators, grain warehouses and dealers, private water companies, intrastate trucking companies and limousine operators, intrastate trucking companies, the placement of certain electric transmission lines, railroads, manufactured homes, r.
Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission
Regulates and supervises the intrastate rates and service of the state's public utilities, natural gas, including electricity, water and certain transportation vehicles.
New Mexico State Corporation Commission Home Page
Provider of regulation services for all nonpublic electric, water and sewer companies, gas and sanitation districts and telecommunications companies.
Wisconsin Public Service Commission Home Page
Provider of regulatory agency services.
Louisiana Public Service Commission
Regulates the rates and service practices of utility and transportation companies located in the state.
Vermont Public Service Board
Supervises the rates, electric, telecommunications, water , and overall financial management of cable television, gas, quality of service and large wastewater companies in the state.
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