Software for Gas and Oil and Gas and oil Guide - Energy and environment Review

Scientific Marine Services, Inc.
Offers specialized technical consulting services and custom engineered products to the marine and offshore industries.
Kernel Technologies
Developer of two- and three-dimensional seismic interpretation software for the geophysical section of the earth science industry.
Reservoir Technology
Gas based methods for improved oil recovery
Caesar Petroleum Systems
Serves the worldwide petroleum industry by providing integrated services and tools for the geologist, engineer and economist.
Connection Technology, Ltd.
Manufacturer of oilfield computer systems used to monitor tubular makeups using torque turn computers.
DataCraft, Inc.
Serving the oil trading, gas pipeline, space, medical and other industries. Specializes in Oracle database and Intranet application development for Unix and Windows NT environments.
Tel-Net, Inc.
Services are provided to multiple industries. Provider of network consulting, network design, systems integration and telecommunications/communications consulting services.
ESP: Petrochemicals Environmental Management Software
Manage Title V compliance and much more. From one facility to a global enterprise. Environmental data management software.
Computer Modeling Group
Provides solutions for oil/gas reservoir modelling and simulation, reservoir engineering, training , advanced oil recovery (EOR/IOR) processes, consulting, advanced Windows software and technical support.
Digi-Rule Inc.
Developers of general mapping and petroleum exploration software for use in both geophysical and geological applications.
Midland Southwest Software
Provider of oil and gas accounting software services and products.
FieldWorker Products Ltd.
Offers a full range of data collection software from relational databases to GPS links for location information.
OGRE Partners, Ltd.
Products are used to evaluate the economies and profitability of oil and gas properties. They are also used for financial analysis of oil and gas projects. The software runs on Windows s. Developer of integrated petroleum engineering software.
Argus ONE
Offers software products to assist engineers in solving data-intensive, physical problems in multi-dimensional complex domains through the use of numerical models.
Vertex Petroleum Systems
Offers a fully interactive model that enables users to evaluate flow potential, predict the most efficient well spacing, and identify optimum completion parameters.
TPI Group
Supplier of energy transaction management software and services, schedule, helping energy companies to trade, transport and account for multiple energy commodities and derivatives.
MDC Techology
Provider of production optimization and performance monitoring software solutions services and products.
Applied Terravision
Offers e-business information solutions that manage revenue-generating assets with complex ownership for blue chip and small business organizations in the government and private sectors around the globe.
Edgehill Exploration Software
Provider of consulting and support services in the local environment of the world's major oil producing areas.
Landmark Graphics Corp.
The products are used by geoscientists to analyze subsurface data in the process of exploring for and producing petroleum. Developer of computer-aided exploration software and hardware systems and provider of exploration and consulting services.
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