Services in Oil Reservoirs and Gas and oil Guide - Energy and environment Review

United Oil & Gas Consulting Ltd.
Independent petroleum consulting firm specializing in reservoir engineering, reservoir geology and economic evaluation.
Reservoir Technology
Gas based methods for improved oil recovery
Hycal Energy Research Laboratories Ltd.
A privately-owned, specialized research and consulting laboratory focused in the area of reservoir optimization (reservoir engineering and geological studies).
Computer Modelling Group (CMG)
Provides solutions for oil/gas reservoir modelling and simulation, reservoir engineering, training , advanced oil recovery (EOR/IOR) processes, consulting, advanced Windows software and technical support.
Blackwatch Petroleum Services Limited
Provider of services including reservoir engineering, well operations, asset evaluation, well testing, petrophysics and well engineering.
Scott Pickford
Specialists in integrated multi-disciplinary projects including production and reservoir management, customised seismic data processing, unitization and equity determinations and specialist seismic technology.
Gary S. Swindell & Associates: Petroleum Engineering
Engineering firm offering reserve evaluations, exploration planning, reservoir studies and litigation support.
Fekete Associates
Provider of petroleum consulting firm services for reservoir management, including evaluation, production and optimization.
Discovery Group, Inc.
Provides a full range of geological and petrophysical consulting services including reservoir characterization; field studies; petrophysics and log analysis; and geologic and stratigraphic studies.
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