Services in Engineering and Consulting and Gas and oil Guide - Energy and environment Review

ILF Consulting Engineers
German consulting firm, specializing in tunneling, underground construction and pipeline engineering.
Definite Accurate Sdn Bhd
International quality and project management consultants to the oil & gas industry, in particular, pipecoating inspection specialists.
Miller Pipeline Corp.
Provides specialty pipeline rehabilitation products and services to a variety of industries.
Wildhorse Industries Inc.
Provide services and specialized coatings for the protection of natural gas pipelines against chemical and biological (MIC) corrosion.
Pipeline Technologies
Manages, maintains, and rehabilitates large-diameter water pipelines.
Walton Construction Company
Providers of oilfield construction, tank cleaning, pipeline installation and project coordination services.
Pipeline Induction Heat Ltd (PIH)
Contracting company specializing in the onsite application of anti-corrosion coatings, heat treatment and other support services during construction of oil, gas and product pipelines.
PSL Group
Independent well service company offering a wide range of oilfield services, trenching services, pipeline inspection , well service support, pipelaying, including pumping and commissioning services.
Specializes in the operation and engineering of onshore pipeline and storage systems, particularly for refined petroleum products and natural gas.
Corrpro Canada Inc.
Offers an array of pipeline services including inspection, cleaning, leak detection and more.
Corrosion Control International (CCI)
Specialists in the design, production and installation of offshore and inshore marine splash zone corrosion control systems.
Scooter Video Inspection Systems
Use video inspection optics to provide pipeline inspection imaging.
Emerald Pipeline Services (EPS)
Independent UK-based company specializing in providing low-cost surveys, inspections and maintenance services for pipeline systems.
Operates power plants, markets natural gas and supplies pipeline systems for transportation of products.
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