Governmental Gas and Oil Industries and Gas and oil Guide - Energy and environment Review

Manitoba Minister of Conservation
Information on environmental issues relating to the Canadian province of Manitoba.
Michigan Geological Survey
Encourages conservation and protects natural resource values in developing the geological resources of the state, including fossil fuels, minerals and groundwater.
Government of New Brunswick
Official website of the Canadian province, tourism, providing news and information on events, government and more.
New Jersey Geological Survey
Protects, conserves and manages the use of New Mexico’s natural resources.
Government of Ontario
Main website of the Canadian province, publications, offering information on government, job opportunities and more.
Government of Manitoba
Main website for the Canadian province, government, providing information on business, travel and more.
Canada Government
Primary Internet site through which visitors worldwide can obtain information about Canada, programs, its government and citizen initiatives.
Wyoming Oil & Gas Commission
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Australia: Primary Industries and Resources (PIRSA)
Manages the State's mineral resources on behalf of the people of South Australia by undertaking mineral promotion, geoscience information acquisition and storage, mining regulation and strategic policy and support.
Office of Fossil Energy
Department of Energy bureau that provides an electronic gateway to information on federal coal, oil and natural gas programs, and research/development projects.
South Dakota Geological Survey
Conducts geologic studies, and collects, hydrologic studies and research and disseminates information on the geology and hydrology of South Dakota.
Pennsylvania Dept. of Environmental Protection
Provider of regulatory agency services with information about Texas alternative fuels, crude oil, natural gas and reclamation.
Environmental Protection Agency -- CA
mission of the California Environmental Protection Agency is to improve environmental quality in order to protect public health, the welfare of our citizens, and California's natural resources.
Government of British Columbia
Main website for the Canadian province, job opportunities, offering information on tourism, government and more.
Alberta Energy and Utilities Board
Ensures that the discovery, responsible, development, and delivery of Alberta's resources take place in a manner that is fair and in the public interest.
Kentucky Geological Survey
Develops, water, interprets and provides information describing the characteristics and distribution of Louisiana's energy, mineral and environmental resources.
Arizona Geological Survey
Provides impartial information to assist those responsible for prudently managing Arizona's land, mineral, water and energy resources.
United Kingdom Department of Trade and Industry
Aims to increase UK competitiveness and scientific excellence in order to generate higher levels of sustainable growth and productivity in a modern economy.
Alaska Permanent Fund
Provides a means of conserving a portion of the state's revenue from mineral resources to benefit all generations of Alaskans.
Bureau of Land Management - Wyoming
Provider of management services for public land for recreation, minerals, grazing and pulic use.
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