Gas and Oil Inspection Consultants and Gas and oil Guide - Energy and environment Review

Provides oil and gas well completion testing and reservoir analysis.
PSL Group
Independent well service company offering a wide range of oilfield services, trenching services, pipeline inspection , well service support, pipelaying, including pumping and commissioning services.
Emerald Pipeline Services (EPS)
Independent UK-based company specializing in providing low-cost surveys, inspections and maintenance services for pipeline systems.
Underwriters Laboratories: Oil Inspection Certification
Demand the certification recognized and appreciated by regulators, retailers and consumers alike - the UL Mark. Go to market with complete confidence.
UL RoHS Compliance Solutions: Oil Inspection Certification
Includes testing, supply-chain monitoring and compliant-supplier database. UL's tools help manufacturers efficiently self-declare RoHS compliance.
Moody international
Multi-national engineering consulting and technical services organization that provides quality assurance, inspection, expediting and technical services.
CIA Inspection, Inc.
Performs remote delayed coke drum inspections without requiring blinding or scaffolding.
Cheyenne Services Inc.
Specializes in the running and inspection of oilfield tubulars.
Alliance Engineering Inc.
Provides engineering and project services to support energy companies in the safe and efficient development and transmission of oil & gas resources.
Lloyd's Register (LR)
Ship classification society that provides offshore and industrial advisory and inspection services.
Oilfield Audit Services, Inc.
Offers full scope rig audit inspections, equipment inspections and project management services.
Underwriters Laboratories: Oil Inspection Consultants
Download UL?s free white paper on the benefits of building a global compliance strategy. Learn to navigate international certification requirements.
Pinnacle Oilfield Services, Inc
Full-service drill pipe and tubing inspection company offering maintenance and leak prevention services.
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