Gas and Oil Industry Financial Services and Gas and oil Guide - Energy and environment Review

MPL Communications Inc.
Canadian online service and information source offering investment advice, research and data.
PetroVentures International
Provides institutional investors, insurance companies, financial institutions and multi-national organizations with an evaluation assessment during the early phases of a project.
Reidar Niemi
Based in Norway, but working in England, Scotland, The Netherlands and Norway. Specialist advisor in cross border mergers and acquisitions for the energy and electronics industries.
PFC Energy
Consulting firm that specializes in the financial, strategic, commercial and political aspects of the international oil and gas business.
Canadian Petroleum Perspective
An independent research source for any publicly traded Canadian oil and gas company.
Petroleum Economics
Book by Rognavaldur Hannesson that offers a comprehensive introduction to the economics of oil and natural gas extraction and production.
Grain Service Corporation
Offers risk management consulting, education, and brokerage services to energy and agricultural businesses around the country.
Kupferburg, Goldberg & Neimark LLC
KGN provides financial planning, tax management, consulting and information services to a wide range of companies.
Charles Schwab
Full-service financial services company offering investment guidance, trading and brokerage services and a full range of investment and financial products.
The software and quote machines are used to analyze the financial and commodity markets. Products are sold to the financial and brokerage industries. Developer of financial analysis software and quotation software.
Energy Exchange
Association of petroleum engineers, geologists, and financial professionals who match buyers with producing properties.
Norwegian Energy Ltd.
Offers the Oil Market Cycle, a resource where all public domain energy statistics and other relevant specialized oil market cycle information is made available in a homogenous format.
GMS Energy Services
Provider of state tax consulting services for energy companies paying state severance taxes.
PVM Oil Associates
Provides broking of crude oil, residential heating oil and natural gas, gasoline, jet fuel and natural gas, along with risk management consulting services.
Coral Energy
Affiliate of Shell involved in energy marketing and trading, natural gas transportation and storage, industrial energy services and energy e-business.
Energy Security Analysis, Inc. (ESAI)
Full-service energy research and analysis firm with experience in petroleum, power generation, natural gas and other energy industries.
Waterous Co.
Products are sold to multiple industries. Manufacturer of fire pumps, hydrants and resilient wedge valves.
Petrosource Capital Corporation
Helps identify, finance and structure oil & gas and electrical power generation investments in the US and around the globe.
John S. Herold, Inc.
Specialized research and consulting firm providing the petroleum industry and investment community with comprehensive and focused research on the oil and gas industry, M&A and capital markets.
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