Equipment for Gas and Oil and Gas and oil Guide - Energy and environment Review

Daly Lift System
Offering system that utilizes the natural forces of oil-to-metal capillary attraction and oil-to-brine specific gravity separation to incrementally recover oil-only from previously shut-in wells.
Brand Hydraulics Corporation
Manufacturers of hydraulic fluid power products, including pumps, valves and dividers.
Oklahoma Rig & Supply Co.
Wholesale distribution company selling over 100,000 industrial products and components from more than 500 manufacturers.
SPM Flow Control
Manufacturer and distributor of a wide line of oilfield products, flow control valves, including well service pumps and high pressure flow control components and equipment.
The leading global supplier of automatic tank gauging solutions.
International oilfield services company specializing in wireless logging and directional and horizontal drilling technologies.
Bettis Corp.
Products are sold to the oil and gas, pipeline, petrochemical, nuclear, pulp and paper, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and textile industries. Manufacturer of valve actuators and controls.
Texas Nameplate Company
Manufactures nameplates, identification labels, panels and dials seen on products ranging from refrigerators and computers to high-pressure valves and oil field equipment.
IHC Services, Inc.
International supplier of products and services providing a wide range of high-quality capital equipment, spare parts and materials.
Brookdale International Systems
Designer and manufacturer of respiratory protective hoods and escape devices for protection from toxic smoke while evacuating fire, chemical or other emergencies.
Data Retrieval Corporation (DRC)
Provides kits for pressure-transient testing from the surface to avoid the risk and cost associated with running gauges downhole.
REY Italia
Provides products and consulting services to companies operating in the oil & gas markets.
Saab Tank Control
Providers of radar-based tank level gauging systems for chemical, oil, petrochemical and industrial applications.
Kobe Steel, Ltd: Plant Engineering Sector
Produces desulfurization reactors and oxygen generation plants for oil refining and petrochemical plants, as well as a wide range of power generation and gas supply facilities, nuclear equipment and district heating & cooling systems.
Petro Pages
Provider of buyer's guide services for engineers and buyers in the petroleum and process industries.
Armstrong Monitoring Corporation
Provides systems for detecting and monitoring of toxic, as well as for levels and leaks of water, combustible, explosive and corrosive gases or vapors, hydrocarbons and leaks of water, hydrocarbons, petroleum and other liquids, vapors and materials.
American Gilsonite Co.
Producer of environmental resin ER-125, a solvent extracted material from . Producer of Gilsonite, an asphaltite mineral used in oil well production, foundries, printing inks, stain and paint manufacturing, particle board and other applications.
Beijing Petroleum Machinery Factory
Provider of oil drilling and production equipment.
RMI Services, Inc.
Providers of engines, transmissions, converters and air starters to the marine and industrial market.
Pacific Process Systems, Inc.
Offer a variety of custom designed and built testing and early production equipment for the oil and gas industry, as well as inventory of related rental equipment.
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