Data Resources in Gas and Oil and Gas and oil Guide - Energy and environment Review

Provides news on the upstream oil and gas industry, an online catalog listing equipment for sale and services for hire, and informational products and services listings.
The Commercial Diving Directory
Provider of listing of diving companies, equipment suppliers, training facilities and governing bodies for the commercial Diver involved in offshore and civil engineering diving operations.
Rocky Mountain Oil Journal
Provider of weekly industry report on all aspects of the oil industry.
Netherlands Institute of Applied Geoscience TNO
Provider of central geoscience institute services in the Netherlands for information and research to promote the sustainable management and use of the subsurface and its natural resources.
CNN Commodities Reports
Provider of online information services for stocks, bonds and rates for energy and other markets.
Crude Oil & Natural Gas Prices
Directory providing a wide service of energy, future and older prices, oil and gas information on present market prices and weather forecasts.
The Czech Geological Survey
Provider of regional geological services and thematic map information in different scales from the territory of the Czech Republic.
Natural Resources Information and Mapping Center
Provider of maps and geological information on ground water, marine matters, geologic hazards and economic issues.
International Petroleum Exchange
Provides daily futures and options prices, energy price risk management, hedging and educational information.
New Mexico Education
Online petroleum website providing data, event information, prices and related links.
Provider of online resources and products for the bunker fuel industry, specifically the international marine fuels industry.
Energy Sciences Network
Providing online information sharing s. Developed to facilitate scientific collaboration between major Office of Energy Research Programs (including: Math, Energy, Health & Environmental Research, High-Energy & Nuclear Physics and Fusion Energy).
Online information service for the worldwide oil and gas industries.
Institute for International Energy Studies
Iranian charter established to perform studies on fossil fuels and it's complex issues particularly those involving their production, use, and trade - in order to meet national needs and to determine international guidelines for energy.
Atlanta Gas Marketer Comparison
Independent review of natural gas marketer information for Atlanta.
Geological Survey of Finland
Provider of consultancy services and basic geological information for assessment of raw materials, environmental studies, nature conservation and land use planning.
University of Wyoming: College of Engineering
Provides programs in atmospheric, electrical, petroleum , civil, environmental, chemical and mechanical engineering.
Energy Information Admin.
Provider of short term energy outlook services, with information on enegry prices, natural gas and renewables.
ASC International
Major Oil & Gas jobs at all major oil companies!
Oil Patch Directory Europe
Provider of listing services, containing names, address details and profiles of companies active in offshore industries.
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