Consultants for Gas and Oil and Gas and oil Guide - Energy and environment Review

Shell Oil
They also purchase, manufacture, transport and market oil and chemical products and provide technical and business services. Explore, develop, produce, purchase, transport and market crude oil and natural gas.
Ziff Energy Group
Headquartered in Canada, the firm also provides corporate performance analysis of the oil and natural gas industry. Provides consulting services and research on various natural gas issues pertaining to supply, markets, transportation and pricing.
BSI Industries
Provider of feasibility studies for facility construction, procurement of equipment and materials, market research in the client's home country, project design, assistance in attaining project financing and materials, assistance in attaining project financing, project management, testing, and commissi.
IHS Energy Group
et. al.) which provide comprehensive databases, a full range of economic and consulting services, and the. Combines the resources and expertise of multiple companies (PI/Dwights, Petroconsultants, IEDS, MAI Consultants, Data Logic Services Corp.
Contango Oil & Gas Co.
is a development-stage, independent natural gas and oil company engaged in the exploration, development and acquisition of natural gas and oil properties in the United States. Contango Oil & Gas Co.
Dow Gas Treating: Oil & Gas Consulting
Increase gas production, reduce solvent consumption, improve performance, lower corrosion rates
Barnes & Cick, Inc.
International engineering and management consulting firm serving the oil and gas industry, natural gas processing, experienced in petroleum refining and petrochemicals.
G. Gordon Stewart, Consultant
Works in the following areas: processing evaluations (ecomomic comparisons), commissioning, de-bottlenecking, doing shop inspection, trouble shooting, processing design using Hysys/Hysim Bid Evaluation and doing engineer and operator training.
PFC Energy
Provider of strategic analysis and market penetration studies, strategic assessment and competitor evaluations.
Egyptian petroleum services company providing technical services to the petrochemical industry.
Cameron McKenna
Emphasis is upon providing a range of services which are tailored to the needs of clients, governments, businesses and financial institutions worldwide.
Petroleum Development Consultants
Primary theme is assisting in the management of change. Consulting for oil companies, World Bank and the European Commission.
Arrow Oilfield Service Company
Services are provided to oil exploration companies. Provider of oil field services that include mechanical equipment rental, labor, water hauling and treatment services, and other well treatment and labor intensive services.
Paras Limited
UK-based management consultancy specializing in performance improvement through best practice identification and implementation in the oil & gas and process industries.
INTEC Engineering
Provides engineering services to the energy industry worldwide, including facilities used in the development of onshore and offshore oil and gas reserves.
Van Meurs & Associates Ltd.
Providers of worldwide consulting services in petroleum economics for the up-stream oil & gas industry.
Kaneb Pipe Line Partners
conducts business through two principal operational segments. Kaneb Pipe Line Partners, L.P.
An international independent engineering consultancy with a well-established client base in the UK and internationally in the Nuclear, Defence, Oil and Gas and Pharmaceutical industries.
Underwriters Laboratories: Oil and Gas Certification
Demand the certification recognized and appreciated by regulators, retailers and consumers alike - the UL Mark. Go to market with complete confidence.
SNIP Petroleum: Russian Oil Standards
Consultancy providing integrated information services and technical assistance in the field of regulatory compliance, and product certification for oil and gas projects in Russia, quality assessment, professional licensing, Azerbaijan and product certification for oil and gas projects in Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenis.
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