Training and Education in Superconductors and Energy storage methods Guide - Energy and environment Review

Colorado Futurescience
Manufacturers of superconductor demonstration kits for science education.
Materials by Design: Superconductors
Information from Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Cornell University on superconductors and related topics.
Applied Superconductivity Center
University of Wisconsin center offering information on research, events, databases and images of superconductivity and superconductors.
Lemberger Superconductivity Laboratory
Department of Physics, Ohio State University lab that makes and studies films and crystals of high-temperature superconductors.
Texas Center for Superconductivity
University of Houston center that aims to advance HTS science & technology and bring HTS products to the marketplace.
Education And Training
Find Education and Training Programs In Your Area.
University of Tokyo: Department of Superconductivity
Conducts research on the charge dynamics of high-Tc superconductors and related oxides.
Center for Superconductivity Research (CSR)
University of Maryland center that conducts interdisciplinary research in the fields of superconductivity, the synthesis and characterization of advanced electronic materials, magnetism, ferroelectricity and characterization of advanced electronic materials, and the development of scanning probe mi.
A Teacher's Guide to Superconductivity for High School Students
Handbook by Robert Dull & Richard Kerchner to help high school students better understand the basic concepts of superconductivity, physics, discussing the history and applications of superconductors.
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