Superconductor and Energy storage methods Guide - Energy and environment Review

Magnavolt Technologies
Specialists in power supplies for superconducting magnets & cryomagnets, pulsed power components, and high voltage pulsed systems.
High-tech producers of YBCO-films and HTS deposition systems for the superconductor community.
EURUS Technologies, Inc.
Provides cost effective, state-of-the-art superconducting technologies for electric power distribution.
Can Superconductors
Develops and produces high temperature superconducting materials and components.
Cryogenic Limited
Designs and manufactures cryomagnetic instrumentation for laboratory research and industrial applications.
Pulse Instruments Co.
Pulse drivers are used to drive and. Manufacturer of pulse drivers, dewars, cryogenic probing systems, radiometric test systems, data acquisition systems, DC bias power supplies, word generators and custom products for the CCD and IR industries.
The company also provides foundry services for superconducting technology. This company . Research and development organization specializing in voltage standard superconducting chips, degausers, SQUID amplifier systems and wide band amplifiers.
Applied Physics Systems (APS)
Manufacturer of magnetic field measuring equipment including Fluxgate Magnetometers, DC SQUID Magnetometers and Clip-on Milliammeters.
National Supercomputing Center for Energy and the Environment
Supercomputer facility with on-site and off-site user training to academic and research institutions, government and private industry.
Superconductive Components Inc.
Manufactures ceramic powders, single crystal substrates, laser ablation sources, evaporation materials, and engineered ceramics for research and commercial applications of superconductors and engineered ceramics for research and commercial applications of superconductors, solid oxide fuel cells, ceramic membranes, lithium ion b.
Superconductivity (VJ)
Read abstracts of current articles from AIP & APS journals.
Nordic Superconductor Technologies
Develops, manufactures and sells high temperature superconducting tapes for the worldwide market.
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