Flywheel and Energy storage methods Guide - Energy and environment Review

Regenerative Power & Motion: Near-Zero-Loss Flywheel Battery
Developing a flywheel battery expressly for stationary on-site electric power storage.
ASPES Engineering AG
Develop flywheels for energy storage and high speed composite rotors for various applications.
Test Devices Inc.
Provides the turbomachinery industry with high-performance products and advanced technology testing services.
Aerospace Flywheel Development Program
Aims to increase the performance of flywheels so that they can be used as efficient energy storage devices in aerospace power systems.
Flywheel Energy Systems Inc.
Canadian company specializing in the design, fabrication, integration and testing of fiber composite flywheels and electromechanical batteries.
Boeing Working To Develop Flywheel Technology For Utility Companies
News release about projects designed to accelerate the commercialization of environmentally friendly high-temperature superconductivity technology.
Optimal Energy Systems Inc.
Develops and manufactures electrical machines and flywheel power units for power generation and high quality energy storage.
Hybrid Electric Vehicle Program
DOE and American automakers to produce production-feasible HEV propulsion systems. Partnership between U.S.
Active Power, Inc.
The system is used as an alternative to lead-acid batteries to protect sensitive electrical hardware. Products are sold to utilities, manufacturers and data cent. Developer and manufacturer of the CleanSource(tm) flywheel energy storage system.
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