Software Applications for Coal and Coal Energy Guide - Energy and environment Review

Western Mine Engineering
Located in Spokane, Washington. Dedicated to providing cost data, software and advice for making informed mining decisions.
Enterprise Risk Management Software
Manage operational, health, quality, environmental, safety
Developers of a range of integrated geological, mining and mine surveying programs which cater to the needs of many of the mining industry's diverse environments.
Designs software to assist mine managers and mining engineers in achieving an optimal extraction of their mine's resources.
Coal Software & Systems
Provides custom software and equipment maintenance solutions for coal mining and related industries.
World Mine Cost Data Exchange
A co-operative Internet resource for mining industry analysts.
International operation focused on servicing a core set of asset intensive, utilities, non-manufacturing and MROnly-focused industries, including mining and transportation.
Surpac Software International
Develops and supports a range of mining, engineering and environmental software products.
Split Engineering
Develops and distributes fragmentation image analysis software and services to the mining industry.
RockWare® Earth Science
150+ programs for professionals & educators. GIS & Math Software.
Mintec, Inc.
The software is used for mineral evaluation and mining design and runs on IBM PC and compatible computers. Products are sold to the mining industry for exploration, feasibility studies and mine operat. Developer of mining applications software.
Modular Mining Systems, Inc.
Designs software to integrate mine operations, in real-time by using the latest in communications, both open cast and underground and GPS technology.
Johnson & Moore Consulting:
Provides energy engineering and management services, focusing on mining engineering, including reserve and feasibility studies as well as environmental and safety audits.
Gibbs and Associates
Products are sold to manufacturers. Developer of CAD/CAM software, Virtual Gibbs(r) and The Gibbs System(r), which operate on Windows 95, Windows NT and Macintosh systems.
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