Governmental Coal and Coal Energy Guide - Energy and environment Review

Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project (ICBEMP)
Department of Agriculture Forest Service and Department of Interior Bureau of Land Management project to develop a scientifically sound and ecosystem-based strategy for management of eastside forests.
Tennessee Division of Geology
Provides research on Tennessee geology and mineral resources, and publishes useful geologic information to benefit the general public.
Louisiana Public Service Commission
Regulates the rates and service practices of utility and transportation companies located in the state.
Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission
Regulates and supervises the intrastate rates and service of the state's public utilities, natural gas, including electricity, water and certain transportation vehicles.
Iowa Utilities Board
Regulates certain electric, natural gas, telephone and water utilities in Iowa.
NASIRE StateSearch
Topical clearinghouse to state government information on the Internet.
Massachusetts Department of Telecommunications and Energy
Regulates the electric, water, gas and telephone industries in the state.
Nevada Public Utilities Commission
Regulates electric, water, gas and safety in the State of Nevada.
North Carolina Utilities Commission
Regulates electric, water and sewer companies, telephone and natural gas companies, motor freight and passenger carriers and sewer companies, and ferryboat operators.
EPA Region 3 Mountaintop Mining Site
Provides information to the public regarding the EPA's plans and progress in preparing a document on the adverse environmental effects to waters, fish and wildlife from mountaintop mining operations.
Kentucky Department of Mines and Minerals (DMM)
Provides inspections and licensing of mines and oil & gas wells in the state of Kentucky.
New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department
Regulates the state's electric, telecommunications and water utilities, gas, steam and water utilities, and also oversees the cable industry.
Illinois State Geological Survey
Provides information to government, water and mineral resources, businesses and the public on geologic mapping and engineering geology and geochemistry.
Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control
Regulates the electric, water, cable TV and gas industries in the state.
Delaware Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Control
Protects and manages the state's natural resources, and educates citizens about the wise use, protects public health and safety, provides quality outdoor recreation and educates citizens about the wise use, conservation and enhancement of Delaware's environment.
Nebraska Natural Resources Commission
Responsible for long range planning, management and proper utilization of Nebraska's land and water resources.
National Research Center for Coal and Energy
In collaboration with the faculty of West Virginia University, promotes, supports, develops, coordinates, the National Research Center for Coal and Energy (NRCCE) identifies and conducts multidisciplinary energy and environmental research and s.
North Carolina Geological Survey
Examines, describes and maps the geology and mineral resources of the state, and publishes reports and maps.
American Heritage Rivers Initiative
Helps river communities make more efficient and effective use of existing federal resources.
Texas Bureau of Economic Geology
State geological survey describing geologic research initiatives, offering geological publications, and providing links to other geoscience resources.
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