Distribution of Coal and Coal Energy Guide - Energy and environment Review

Its holdings include short line railroads concentrated in the Great Lakes region, New England, the Southeastern and Central United States, as well as Eastern Canada. RailTex is North America’s leading operator of short line railroads.
Savage Industries, Inc.
Savage is a national leader in providing materials management and transportation services to a wide range of customers and industries.
World Cargo Alliance
was founded in 1998 to bring professional independent freight forwarders and logistics specialists together as a worldwide group of quality companies handling cargo shipments at the point of origin and destination. World Cargo Alliance, Inc.
TECO Transport Corporation
TECO Transport built its business on moving coals and other energy-related fuels via inland rivers through the Gulf Coast, for storage and trans. TECO Transport provides full-service transportation, transfer and storage facilities for bulk cargo.
Port Waratah Coal Services (PWCS)
Operates export coal handling operations at the port of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.
DTE Coal Services
Fuel delivery, railcar and fleet management, and transportation services for North American industries.
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