Wholesalers and Distributors in Pigment and Die and Specialty and fine chemicals Guide - Chemicals Review

Rossari Exports
Exporter of basic specialty chemicals for the dye industry.
Zhechem Colours
Distributor of dyestuffs, hair dyes, pigments, textile auxiliaries and their intermediates.
Chemida Enterprise
Dealer in dyes, chemicals and intermediates.
Taukem S.A.
Specializes in the manufacture of textile sublimation transfer inks and colors; located in Barcelona, Spain.
Kantilal Sanghvi
Distributor of various dyes and dye intermediates from India.
USR Optonix, Inc.
Manufacturer of phosphorescent pigments used for glow in the dark safety and novelty applications; located in Hackettstown, New Jersey USA.
Nanjing Chemicals
Exports of dyestuffs pigments, intermediates and other chemicals from 12 different plants.
Supplier and exporter of synthetic organic dyestuffs and auxiliary products for the textile and paper industries.
Aakash Chemicals & Dyestuffs
Distributor of dye-stuffs, intermediates, pigments and high purity USP and ACS grade chemicals.
Vichem Color
Based in Michigan, USA; the company is involved in the supply of single pigment dispersions and color concentrates for thermoplastics in micro-pellet and pellet form.
Vipul Dye Chem
Manufacturers & exporters of dyestuffs, fast color bases/salt, reactive dyes napthols
Techmer PM
Designer and producer of color and additive concentrates; located in Rancho Dominguez, California USA.
Wenzhou Huanan Chemical and Industrial Corporation
China based producer and global distributor of oil & alcohol soluble aniline black, and acid grain / powder black, mainly for coloring applications.
An online supplier of pigments and raw materials for artists; offers an extensive catalogue.
Textile Colour and Chemical
Manufacturer and exporters of dyes and dye intermediates, acid dyes, chrome dyes, metal complex dyes, reactive dyes
Involved in the supply of direct, yellow orange, violet, turquoise blue, blue, specializes in black, red, reactive & acid dyestuff and pigments and green; located in Ahmedabad India.
Xian Lijian Chemical
Supplier of oxalic acid, calcium nitrite, barium nitrate, barium chloride, barium carbonate, titanium dioxide rutile, hexamine, 2-naphtior, dyestuff , sodium percarbonate, sodium hydrosulfite, formic acid and intermediate additives.
Zhuhai Skyhigh Chemicals
Specializes in acid-based, naphthols, red, yellow, orange and blue pigments. Producer and supplier of high-performance organic pigments, dyestuffs, colorants and specialty chemicals.
Stoopen & Mees S.A.
International supplier of dedicated pigments for art, cement and other applications; specializes in synthetic & natural oxides, plastics, paints, black and other applications; specializes in synthetic & natural oxides, black, yellow ochre, and food coloring.
Ningbo Free Trade Zone T-Chemi Trading
Chemical importer and exporter, focuses on dyestuffs, bulk pharma & intermediates and catalysts.
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