Plating and Metal Finishing and Specialty and fine chemicals Guide - Chemicals Review

Atotech U.S.A.
Developer and manufacturer of chemicals and equipment for general metal finishing and printed circuit board production.
J.E. Meinhard Associates, Inc.
The equipment is used in chemical analysis. Products are sold to multiple industries. Manufacturer of concentric glass nebulizers used in optical emission spectrometers.
Supplier of fine and specialty chemicals for personal care products, metal treatment solvents, cosmetics, agrochemical formulations and polymer system additives.
A Brite
Locations in the US and Mexico. Manufacturer and distributor of proprietary chemicals for the metal finishing and environmental industries.
Caswell Inc.: Metal Finishing and Plating Chemicals
Caswell offers a range of electroplating kits, anodizing kits, powder coating and metal polishing supplies.
Electroplating, Chemicals & Services
Specialty chemical and material diagnostic laboratory mainly serving the plating and surface finishing industry also provides analytical and engineering services.
Dow Corning: Metal Finishing & Plating
Supplies custom chemical products and technologies, silicone-based products, including silicones and metal finishing and plating chemicals.
Trading and distribution company, barium carbonate, iodine, mercury compounds, oxalic acid, potassium carbonate , antimony trioxide, boric acid, supplies zinc compounds and potassium hydroxide, soda ash and sodium bicarbonate.
Electroplating Chemicals
Largest Manufacturers of Methane Disulphonic Acid & salts
Manufacturer of electroplating chemical supplies for the metal-finishing industry worldwide.
Manufacturer of high-performance electronic chemicals for surface finishing, pattern electroplating and decorative industries.
Technic, Inc. / Engineered Powder Division
Products include silver, gold, palladium, platinum and silver-palladium powder and flakes. The company also produces silver oxide, needle silver, solder balls and precio. Producer of precious metals and alloys in atomized powder and flake form.
Palm International
Also, provides plating supplies. International manufacturer of nickel and rare earth chemicals, including anodes for electroplating and lanthanide salts.
International developer, manufacturer and distributor of fine laboratory chemicals and analytical instruments to the scientific industry.
B & M Chemicals
Also, distributes pulp and paper. Manufacturer of chrome chemicals, leather merchandise, PVC sheets, food chemicals.
China Nafine Group
Manufacturer of inorganic salts, including sodium, magnesium and potassium sulfates as well as basic detergent ingredients.
Chemical blender of powders and solutions offering a line of metal-finishing, cleaning, printing and process chemicals.
Triway Yangzhong
Manufacturer and distributor of sodium hypophosphite, nickel-phosphorus solutions for electroless nickel plating, and specialized equipment and services for the plating industry.
Lansdowne Chemicals
Manufacturer and supplier of fine basic and specialized chemicals, pigments and dyes, including acetophenone derivatives, fluorochemicals, aromatics and essential oils and dyes, aromatics and essential oils, idodine and iodo derivatives, polymer resins, pesticides and insecticides.
Advanced Chemical
Manufacturer of electroplating precious metals including acid gold, flash gold and others.
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