Phosphorus and Specialty and fine chemicals Guide - Chemicals Review

Jiangsu Chengxing Phosph-Chemicals
Manufacturer of phosphorus chemicals, sodium tripolyphosphate, products include are phosphoric acid, dicalcium phosphate, phosphorus pentoxide and other sodium and other sodium, calcium, magnesium and ammonium phosphates.
Oriental Chemical Industries
Korea based producer of soda ash and caustic soda, also offers sodium bicarbonate, hydrogen peroxide, sodium cyanate, rubber accelerators , and MICLOID, phoshporic acid, specializes in toluene di-isocyanate(TDI) and other specialty reagents.
Zheijang Xinan Chemical Industrial Group
Operates three manufacturing plants and a research facility mainly producing organo-phosphorus pesticides and phosphorus-based chemicals in China.
Lomon Corporation
China based producer of feed grade calcium phosphates.
Dishman USA
Manufacturer of quaternary ammonium and phosphonium products.
Sichuan Chuantou Electrometallurgy
Supplier of yellow phosphorus, operates a manufacturing plant able to produce over 60 thousand tons of yellow phosphorus per year.
Shifang Zhenjiang Chemical Plant
Manufacturer and distributor of phosphates in industrial and food grades.
Inorganic Chemical Material
Chinese supplier of manganese sulphate, sodium metabisulfite, zinc sulphate monohydrate, tung oil and iron oxide pigment and other inorganics.
Jinfanda Chemical
Produces glyphosphate, succinic acid, phosphorous acid and dimethoxycarbonyl phosphorous acid.
Mississippi Chemical -Phosphates
Manufactures fertilizer products specializes in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium products.
Sichuan Pengshan Pioneer Chemical
Produces a series of phosphate compounds in China.
Twin Lake Chemical
Producers of organic and inorganic chemical intermediates, specializing in organic acid chlorides and phosphorus pentachloride.
Distributor and surplus supplier of specialty and fine chemicals, citric acid, phosphoric acid, anhydrous ammonia, urea , (mon/di)ammonium phosphates, denatured ethanol, products include specialty fertilizers and sulfur.
Chongqing Chuandong Chemical (Group)
Producer of the phosphate series chemicals, medical intermediates, agricultural and water-treatment chemicals.
Wilson Industrial Sales
Provides industrial chemicals and clarified chemicals to the manufacturing and process industries, caustic potash, main products include sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, aqua ammonia
Shenzhen D.F.L. Investment & Development
Specializes in the import & export and domestic trade of sulphur, rock phosphate, chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
LG Chem
Producer of textile dyes, agrochemicals, functional coatings, powder coatings , ultraviolet stabilizers, picture tube phosphors, surfactants and epoxy resins.
Sichuan Mianzhu Hanwang Yellow Phosphorus
Miner of phosphorus rock and roducer of value-added phophorous products.
Rotem Amfert Negev
Offers phosphate raw materials for downstream derivatives including phosphoric acids, fertilizers, specialty chemicals and phosphate salts.
Oakwood Products
The company also specializes in custom synthesis. Produces a wide range of organic compounds with emphasis on fluorochemicals, phosphorus chemicals and organo-sulfur chemicals.
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