Oxides and Salts and Specialty and fine chemicals Guide - Chemicals Review

Shanxi Province Gaoping Chemical Industry
Manufacturer of specialty alcohols and inorganic salts including 2-furan formaldehyde (furfural), 2-furaur methyl alcohol (furfuryl), furan resin (for foundry) and sodium acetate.
Donetsk Chemical Reagents Plant
Manufacturer of inorganic chemical compounds including aluminum, iron, calcium, sodium, nickel, zinc , barium, potassium, ammonium and hydroxylamine sulfate.
Brunner Mond
Specializes in soda ash and sodium bicarbonate. Producer and supplier of alkaline chemicals.
China National United Oil (CHINAOIL)
Petrochemicals include substituted phenyl organics, acids, soda ash and salts. Involved in oil exploration, production, transportation, refinery and marketing of petroleum-derived products.
Products include carbonates, hydroxides and oxides. Manufacturer of calcium- and magnesium-based compounds in pharmaceutical and industrial grades.
Powell Fabrication & Manufacturing
Designers and manufacturers of chlorine containment and sodium hypochlorite processing technology.
China Nafine Group
Manufacturer of inorganic salts, including sodium, magnesium and potassium sulfates and basic detergent ingredients.
Sanmar Group
Also offers engineering services. Manufacturer of soda ash, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), chlorochemicals and specialty chemicals.
Sinolight (Tianjin) Chemical Industry
Manufacturer of barium hydroxide and added-value derivatives.
Chongqing Newcent Strontium Salt
Also, produces manganese and barium chloride and fine sulphur. Manufacturer and trader of strontium-based salts, including halogenated strontium, carbonate, nitrates, sulfate and oxide.
Shandong Changyi Salt Chemistry Group
Manufacturer and distributor of inorganic salts, bromines, including crude and refined salts and bromine aniline.
Vijay Chemical
Manufacturer and exporter of mainly ferrous sulphide; also produces ferrous sulphate, calcium sulphate, industrial chemicals, laboratory reagents, lead sulphide, sodium nitroprusside , calcium oxide, hydrazine sulphate, calcium hydroxide and chlo.
Yue Pak
Supplier of fine metals, oxides and organometallics.
Penrice Soda Products
Manufactures and sells light and dense soda ash, sodium bicarbonate in various grades, sodium carbonate and salt all in bulk or packaged and various limestone products.
Producer of naphthenic acids and related derivatives, metallic salts of carboxylic acids, fuel additives and paint driers.
Oasis Chemical
China based supplier of industrial chemicals including sodium carbonate (soda ash).
BM Chemicals
Also produces food additives and ingredients including lactic acid, glycerol mono stearate and solbake emulsifier. Manufacturer of chromium-based specialty inorganics including chromium sulphate and chromic acid.
Chongqing Xianfeng Strontium Salt Chemical
Manufacturer of strontium-based salts, nitrate, sulfate, acetate , chloride, hydroxide octahydrate, including strontium carbonate and fluoride.
Muby Chemicals
Manufacturer of metal-based inorganics, sodium acetate, including calcium chloride, zinc chloride and potassium bromide.
Palm International
Also, provides plating supplies. International manufacturer of nickel and rare earth chemicals, including anodes for electroplating and lanthanide salts.
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