Oxides and Minerals and Specialty and fine chemicals Guide - Chemicals Review

PQ Corp.
Manufacturer of sodium and potassium silicates and silica-derived specialty products, molecular sieves, including silica gels and hydrogels, zeolites and zeolite catalysts, silica catalysts and supports and supports, glass and ceramic hollow microspheres, gl.
Laboratorios Argenol
Spain based specialty pharmaceutical laboratory specilizing in silver compounds, argyrol, products include colloidal silver, silver proteinate and other inorganics.
Molycorp Inc
Supplier of lanthanides (rare earth) and molybdenum mining and metals.
Pan-Continental Company (PCC)
China based producer of zinc based raw materials, cupric oxide, such as zinc oxide, zinc chloride, zinc sulfate
Russia based manufacturer of alumina, titanium dioxide, potassium carbonate, aluminum sulphate
Hebei Qingyuan Fine Zinc Oxide Plant
Manufacturer and supplier of zinc oxide, lithium salt, strontium salt , fluoride, cobalt salt, zinc salt and cadmium salt.
Eurocontal sa
Manufacturing facility located in Barcelona, Spain. Barcelona based manufacturer, trader, seller and distributor of zinc chloride, zinc salts and other fine chemicals to over 50 countries.
Cimbar Performance Minerals
Producer of barytes, strontium sulfate, organophilic clays and bentonite.
Amichem Corporation
International manufacturer of fine, basic chemicals, organic and inorganic chemicals and metallic salts.
Ganzhou Dafeng Metallurgical and Chemical Industry
A joint venture enterprise, which specializes in manufacturing and exporting thiourea and the JIN GU brand cobalt salts.
Cabot Corp. / Special Blacks
More than fifty commercial grades are available varying in particle size and structure. Products are sold to the printing ink, plastics and coatings industries. Producer of carbon black pigments and reinforcing agents.
China based fine chemical manufacturer that specialize in salts including: cobalt, strontium, bifluoride , fluoride, cadmium, nickel and other fine inorganics.
Aptech Services
Rare earth chemical material supplier for industrial and research use.
Producer and supplier of aluminium fluoride for the primary aluminium smelters.
International manufacturer and custom developer of specialty powders, including high-purity alumina, white-fused alumina and other nanopowders.
American manufacturer of silica fume mineral admixture products for concrete, mortars, grouts and cement.
China Inner Mongolia Huanghe General Leather Chemical Plant
Producer of chromic salt and plastic products, chromic trioxide, including sodium dichromate, silicon carbide and chromium oxide green.
MEL Chemicals
International producer and supplier of fine chemicals, specializes in zirconium chemicals, and oxides.
Floridin - Division of ITC Industrials
Provider of attapulgite, automotive, dispersants, hydroxylpropyl methylcellulose and mica to the agricultural and coatings industries.
Jost Chemical
Custom developer and manufacturer of inorganic salt powders including ammonium, phosphate, magnesium and iron compounds.
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