Oxide Dyes Chemicals and Specialty and fine chemicals Guide - Chemicals Review

Changyuan Chemical Plant
China based manufacturer of specialty iron oxides.
Millennium Inorganic Chemicals
Manufacturers and global supplier of titanium dioxide (TiO2), paper, a bright white powder that's used as a pigment in paint, coatings and plastics.
Silberline Manufacturing Company, Inc.
Supplier of metallic pigments for coatings, plastics and inks, specializes in aluminum pigments.
Producer of basic chemicals, oxides, pigments, colorants, and basic starting materials for inks and basic starting materials for inks, textiles, fragrances, and plastics; based in Monterrey, México.
China Youyi Inorganic Pigment Chemical Plant
Specialized manufacturer and exporter of inorganic pigments, and iron oxide iron pigments; located in Hebei, mainly chrome oxide green series, chrome pigment and iron oxide iron pigments; located in Hebei, China.
Operates over 85 different location in over 12 countries. International producer of industrial chemicals, specializing in chromium based reagents, iron oxide pigments, and specialty adhesives.
Diversified industrial manufacturer supplying mining explosives, specialty and fine chemicals and specialty fibers.
Global provider of specialty chemicals for plastics, cosmetics and food industry, coatings, inks, specializes in rheology modifiers and food industry, specializes in rheology modifiers, emulsifiers, whiteners, stabilizers and surface modified pigments such as titanium oxide and carbon black.
Flexibulk Limited
International supplier of filter aids, alluminum hydroxide, minerals and raw chemicals, products include aluminum oxide, activated carbon
Cleveland Pigment & Color Co.
and abroad; specializes in natural & synthetic oxides, chromium oxide green, fluorescents, and organic pigments. Located in Akron, Ohio USA. Custom blends and distributes a wide range of pigments and colors throughout the U.S.
Processing centers in Spain and Colombia. Manufactures a wide range of inorganic pigments, specializes in chrome yellows & greens, molybdated oranges, iron oxides, anticorrosive pigments, and ultramarine pigments.
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Alabama Pigments Company
Located in Green Pond, Alabama; produces black and natural red iron oxide pigments.
Khemka Udyog
Processors and manufacturers of mineral powders including manganese compounds, calcite, red oxide , dolomite, bentonite, chrome ore and fluorspa.
Anirox Pigments
Headquarters located in Calcutta, and manufacturing plant in Dhanb. Based in India, manufactures organic natural and synthetic dyes & pigments, specializes in nitronezene, analine oil, black & red iron oxide, nigrosinedye, and aluminum sulphate.
Harold Scholz
European trader of specialized reagents, concentrating in natural natural and synthetic iron oxide pigments, for concretes and vanish and paints.
Chinametal International
Suplier of inorganic salts and minerals, ITO (indium-tin-oxide), tungsten , titanium dioxide, manganese, including powders of aluminum and molybdenum wire sulphates of zinc, copper and nickel.
Koltex Pigments
Supplier of titanium dioxide, white and color pigments and fillers.
Supplier of chromium oxide green, chrome sulfate, titanium dioxide, resins and others.
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